Last year you could travel around with the My Summer Treat or the Unlimited Nights pass in your pocket. This year two new options are presented to you - make your choice based on how many destinations and hotels you want to visit this summer: The Summer Flee and The Whole Shebang. Read more about the hotel passes here!

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In short, you can choose between two hotel passes this year: The Summer Flee and The Whole Shebang. The latter includes a larger selection of cities and hotels than the former option. One hotel pass is applicable for two guests, and our mouth-watering breakfast is of course included.

No matter which pass you choose to get, you are free to decide whether to buy a pass for 5 or 10 nights, and how you would like to spend them. Spend all nights in one stay at your favorite hotel, or spread them out over the summer holiday to experience various destinations. The hotel passes are valid between 1 June and 31 August 2021.

The Summer Flee – choose from a selection of hotels

With The Summer Flee pass you are granted access to a selection of more than 100 hotels at over 50 destinations. Top it up with 5 or 10 hotel nights, ask your neighbor to please watch your cat and head on out for your summer vacation.

How to buy and use The Summer Flee pass

  1. Go to and buy your pass.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email containing your hotel pass.
  3. The confirmation email will also include a link to our booking site where you can book your hotel nights. Let the planning commence!
  4. Roll your bags - filled with sunscreen, bathing suits and cozy sweaters - through the hotel doors, provide our receptionist with your unique hotel pass code and check in.

Wondering if your desired hotels are included in this pass? See all the hotels that are included in The Summer Flee pass here.

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The Whole Shebang – choose among pretty much all of our hotels

Do you want to pick and choose among a whole range of cities and even more hotels? Then we recommend spending just a tiny bit more of your summer budget on The Whole Shebang. With this pass you get access to more than 200 hotels at over 100 destinations.

How to buy and use The Whole Shebang pass

Same procedure as The Summer Flee, but let’s go through it one more time:

  1. Go to and buy your pass.
  2. Receive your confirmation email with the hotel pass.
  3. Follow the booking links in the email, and book away!
  4. Hop on your travels, show your unique pass code to our receptionist and jump into your hotel bed!

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Have a great summer!