Magno has shaken hands with over a million guests

For over 17 years, Magno Inoue at the Clarion Hotel ® Copenhagen Airport has been welcoming guests with open arms and a warm smile. The charismatic head waiter has a very clear philosophy: "I treat them not only as guests, but as my friends."

  • When you enter Clarion Hotel® Copenhagen Airport and Comfort Hotel® Copenhagen Airport, you can instantly feel a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

  • Unlike what you usually encounter when travelling to or from a major international airport like Copenhagen.

  • One of the reasons for this is Magno Inoue. He is the head waiter at the hotel and has worked in the same place for 17 years. With a ready smile and his gaze focused on the guests, he works diligently to make their stay the best experience possible.

  • In fact, he shakes hands with each and every guest, complemented with a big smile so that you feel appreciated and cared for from the very first moment.

  • "I greet nearly 300 guests every single day. This is because I want them to feel appreciated and to have a fantastic experience with us," Magno says.

  • "How many guests have you greeted over the years?" we ask the charming head waiter.

  • He bursts into laughter, as he's never actually considered this before. But there's no doubt that the number is high. According to our quick mental arithmetic, he must have shaken hands with more than a million guests.

  • "That sounds absolutely mad," chuckles Magno.

  • "A good portion of the guests I greet are also returning guests. They recognise me, and I recognise them. It warms my heart, and I believe it's something our guests appreciate too," Magno explains.

Family Hotel and Conference Centre

The two airport hotels, Clarion Hotel® Copenhagen Airport and Comfort Hotel® Copenhagen Airport, are centrally located at the airport. The staff work tirelessly to cater to the diverse needs of their guests, whether they're a family on holiday or a company hosting a seminar or gathering.

Here, you'll find a spa with unique treatments, a saltwater pool, restaurants, a sky bar, lounges, and a fitness room. With a strong focus on Nordic cooking and local ingredients, the hotels take pride in serving high-quality culinary delights.

If you're looking for conference facilities with a wow-factor, "The Hangar" with a capacity for as many as 2,150 guests, is just the ticket. Plus, there are 33 other meeting rooms that can accommodate most needs. If you wish to sit undisturbed in a corner of the hotel with a colleague, they have spaces for that too. With Northern Europe's largest airport, the E20 motorway, and the metro right outside the door, the location is perfect for both spontaneous meetings and multi-day conferences with participants from all over the world.

And even though the hotels are situated at the airport, there are several attractions nearby.

The Blue Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium with seven million litres of water filled with exotic and unique fish species – an amazing destination for families. Since its opening in 2013, The Blue Planet has become incredibly popular. You can find The Blue Planet at Jacob Fortlingsvej 1 on Amager. It's just a 600-metre walk from the hotel or Kastrup station.

If you fancy a swim in the sea, Kastrup Sea Bath, located nearby, comes highly recommended. It's an architectural gem and a truly magical place. It offers the best views of the island of Saltholm and over to Sweden and provides excellent swimming conditions in calm waters.

A Passion for Taking Care of Our Guests

We meet Magno again after his lunch guests have enjoyed a superb meal in the stylish premises of Clarion Hotel® Copenhagen Airport. He doesn't rest. He is busy wishing departing guests a safe trip, and the next moment he is welcoming a family checking in, always with a humble and warm smile. Always focused.

We ask him what he thinks about spending so much time with his guests.

"The most valuable thing we have in life is time. Time is a resource that we must cherish and manage in the best way possible. And when our guests spend their time with us, they should feel and know that we are here for them. I treat them not only as guests, but as my friends."

"Is that your philosophy?"

Magno chuckles with his big smile as our interview draws to a close, and the head waiter gives us a grateful hug as we leave the hotel.

"Perhaps not a philosophy, but rather a passion. A passion that all of us here at the hotel share. Passion and warmth for our guests. That's when good memories and relationships are formed. And perhaps you've made a friend for life."

The entrance at Clarion Hotel® Copenhagen Airport.People by the food buffet at a conference at Clarion Hotel® Copenhagen Airport.Man smiling while standing in front of Clarion Hotel ® Copenhagen Airport.

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