Birthdays are always fun and there are many ways to celebrate. Most people expect a partner or friend to arrange something special. But why not take matters into your own hands? Give yourself what you deserve, treat yourself to something special, something exciting, something adventurous! Here are three tips for when you want to give yourself a really nice birthday present.

Go on a date with your partner

Why not surprise your partner with a date? No major plans are needed if you stay in your own area. There are many hotels all over Sweden and restaurants with fantastic food and a cosy atmosphere. These are perfect for a special evening. And you can make the most of the evening by staying a night in the hotel after your meal. It’s more enjoyable when you can both just enjoy the food and drink without having to worry about who’s doing the washing up or if you’re the designated driver.

If you’ve got a bit more time to plan your birthday celebration, one tip is to look out for special offers, such as a romantic or weekend package. That way, you get something special with your stay. Clarion Hotel in Stockholm is a good example of a hotel with great offers and a great location. The hotel is centrally located on beautiful Södermalm, close to both restaurants and other exciting activities. You can surely find other suitable hotels that are close to lots of restaurants.

One of the cool bars at Clarion Hotel Stockholm. Why not start and/or end the evening here?

Spa experience for two

We live in stressful times and for many people, birthdays can feel stressful too. One good idea is to book a relaxing day after the party itself. It’s a great way to recover. Bring a close friend to a spa evening and you will also be able to spend some quality time together. You’re bound to be able to find a friend who you would gladly spend the whole day with. Here you will find an overview of our hotels with swimming pools; take your pick!

If you live near Gothenburg you can book one or two nights at Clarion Hotel Post. You’ll find both a wonderful rooftop pool and Skönhetsfabriken (the Beauty Factory) at this popular hotel! This facility differs from other spa facilities by tailoring their treatments according to the guests’ wants and needs.

The rooftop pool at Clarion Hotel Post awaits you!

Take a spontaneous trip to the neighbouring Nordic countries

If you think that all birthdays are the same, then do something different! Why not take a spontaneous trip to one of Sweden’s neighbouring countries, such as Norway, Denmark or Finland. Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki all have a lot to offer. We can easily help you find suitable accommodation in these big cities, as well as many others. Explore a big city, explore the country’s sights and do something new. Experience the different cultures and see how the locals celebrate birthdays.

No matter which tip inspires you, keep in mind that it’s your day and make sure you’re enjoying yourself and doing what you want. You’ve earned it!

Here’s an extra tip for anyone looking for something a little smaller: go and have a delicious breakfast at a hotel!