What? Do you have hotels where the rate includes food and "fika"? Yep, welcome to our wonderful Clarion Collection® hotels!

How do you like the sound of fresh waffles and free evening meals? Then go ahead and book yourself a stay at one of our 50 or so Clarion Collection® hotels across Sweden and Norway. When you book an overnight stay at one of these hotels, you can enjoy as many sweet treats as you want. So, in addition to a great vibe, all our guests can look forward to “fika” and an evening meal.

  • When you’re staying at a hotel, it can sometimes feel like hard work finding somewhere to get a meal. If you’re tired, hungry and thirsty after a long day, you certainly don’t want to waste any more energy finding somewhere to eat.

  • You can of course find restaurants online, read reveiews and spend a lot of time finding a suitable place among the many options available in a particular destination. Or go ahead and choose the easiest option – have dinner at the hotel!

  • You’ll find food available for purchase at most of our 200+ hotels across the Nordics, and at our 50 or so Clarion Colletion® hotels we even serve an evening meal as part of your room rate. And though we say it ourselves, it tastes great too!

Enjoy a nice cuppa on us

So, what do we mean? Well, if you’re out travelling around Sweden or Norway, you’ll get both free cups of tea and coffee, as well as a free evening meal, every day, all the year round, at all hotels bearing the Clarion Collection® sign!

The Swedish “fika” tradition is taken very seriously at our Clarion Collection® hotels. Think waffles, croissants, pancakes and cinnamon buns – just go ahead and help yourself during hotel’s “fika” serving times. Sit back and relax with a nice hot drink and go wild (or less wild) on the sweet treats – it’s entirely up to you!

Clarion Collection fika_16_9A ”fika” with sweet treats and coffee ensures great chats and good vibes.

Enjoy a nice cuppa on us! Relish the ”fika” tradition Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret in the world-famous Bryggen in Bergen, at Clarion Collection® Hotel Odin in beautiful Gothenburg or at Clarion Collection® Hotel Packhuset in Kalmar harbour. And there are so many more to try…

Friends meeting for fika at Clarion Collection
  • Free evening meal – yes please!

    Guests staying overnight at the hotel are offered a free evening meal every day. The evening meal includes a hot main course, soup, bread and salad. Enjoy a great variety of homemade food with our buffet designed to suit everyone!

  • And best of all? You’ve probably got it by now, but we’ll say it again – you can eat however much you like! Enjoy delicious food and a great atmosphere before heading up to your room for a good night’s sleep!

  • Even if you’re not actually staying overnight at the hotel, you are more than welcome to come and enjoy our evening meal. Please contact the respective Clarion Collection® for further information about bookings and prices.

  • Need some tips on where to go? How about Clarion Collection® Hotel Mektagonen just a stone’s throw from Liseberg or Clarion Collection® Hotel Skagen Brygge with a beautiful quayside location in Stavanger? And there are so many more to explore!

Clarion Collection® has more than "fika" and evening meals

“Fika” and an evening meal as part of your stay sounds good. Really good, right? But Clarion Collection® has so much more than that! This hotel chain offers guests a fabulous vibe!

Regardless of whether you’re visiting our hotels with your family, children, colleagues, friends, a partner or your retired friends, this is a hotel chain that fosters a warm and homely atmosphere! Everyone should feel welcome and well taken care of here every day!

You should be able to sit back and relax in your bed, chair or sofa, and enjoy a complete hotel experience. It’s the same no matter where you stay, be it at Clarion Collection® Hotel Temperance in central Malmö or at Clarion Collection® Hotel Aurora with an outdoor jacuzzi on the quayside in Tromsø.

Clarion Collection evening meal

Clarion Collection® in central Oslo and Stockholm

Are you looking for a place to stay in central Oslo that’s both modern and elegant yet has a relaxed vibe? ThenClarion Collection® Hotel Folketeateret is the perfect choice. Here you’ll be situated right in the midst of the all action with Norway’s largest private theatre, Folketeateret, under the same roof staging a variety of unique and popular performances! For those who prefer opera, the Oslo Opera is just a short walk away from the hotel. When you stay with at this hotel, you’ll basically be within walking distance of almost everything on offer in the city centre!

The charming Clarion Collection® Hotel Bastion is another good option for those wanting a place to stay in central Oslo. Here you’ll enjoy quieter surroundings since this boutique hotel has a more tranquil location, though still within easy reach of Oslo’s main attractions.

  • Beautiful Stockholm in our hearts! Those planning a visit to Stockholm are sure to be met by warm smiles and the smell of freshly baked bread at Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapto.

  • The hotel is situated in a quiet neighbourhood in the district of Östermalm. Added bonus? Prepare for the smell of freshly baked bread…

  • …at this hotel and all other Clarion Collection® hotesl across Sweden. It’s so delicious that there are guests asking us for the recipe on a daily basis!

  • And you can get the recipe for free! Just make sure to click the link at the bottom of this article, or book a stay and we’ll send it over. Go ahead and eat as much as you want – it’s all included in your room rate!

  • The wonderfully secluded Clarion Collection® Hotel Wellington, situated in the fashionable district of Östermalm in central Stockholm, is most definitely worth a visit!

  • You’ll find a true gem of a hotel in Sickla, located within easy reach of Södermalm! Enjoy a stay outside Stockholm’s city centre at the popular Clarion Collection® Hotel Tapetfabriken, featuring a gym and a sauna with fabulous views!

So, to sum it all up, Clarion Collection® has around 50 charming hotels that ooze “hygge”. Breakfast, “fika” and an evening meal are always included in your room rate when you stay at one of these hotels. Situated in city centres and further afield in destinations across Norway and Sweden, you’ll find great places to book yourself a wonderful stay!

Book a stay at one of our Clarion Collection® Hotel here.

Here, as promised, you’ll find the article featuring the popular bread recipe.

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