A romantic break at Villa Copenhagen

Sophia and Michael are in Copenhagen for a romantic getaway from their busy life with small children. An exceptional hotel is sure to make their weekend truly magical.

  • "My goodness, what a gorgeous hotel!" they exclaim in unison, as they arrive in the lobby of one of Copenhagen's most splendid and trendy hotels, Villa Copenhagen.

  • Sophia and Michael are finally about to enjoy some quality time away from the everyday hustle and bustle and are ready to check in.

  • "We live just outside Helsingborg in Sweden and took the train to Copenhagen. Villa Copenhagen is right next to the central station, so it's very convenient."

  • "And when we're here to enjoy ourselves, we want to do it properly and make the most of our time. That means we have to stay somewhere nice. Treat ourselves to a bit of luxury," says Sophia enthusiastically.

  • The couple leads a hectic life with small children and demanding jobs. It's not easy to find time for each other. But this weekend in Copenhagen is something they've been planning for a while.

  • "We need to take care of our relationship, do a bit of grown-up things, and most importantly, do things together."

  • "So, we're going to eat, drink, swim, and do a bit of shopping. Do things we don't always have time for in our daily lives," they both say with a smile.

Sustainable Luxury at Villa Copenhagen

After checking in, they relax in the trendy and modern lobby. They order champagne and fresh oysters from a dedicated champagne cart the hotel offers. Luxury and the little extras are the reasons they've chosen this hotel in Copenhagen.

"Our time is precious, and when we're on a short weekend break, we can't be bothered with big excursions. We're here to unwind, enjoy ourselves, relax, and enjoy each other's company. A hotel with extra good facilities is exactly what we need. And Villa Copenhagen is in a league of its own. They met all our criteria," says Michael firmly, as thoughts of everyday life and work are finally put on hold.

Villa Copenhagen is a signature hotel par excellence. The venerable former post office and telegraph building from 1912 has been transformed into something new, with modern architecture and a unique design. The building's past as Denmark's main post office is as important to maintain as it is to create a new, vibrant, inspiring, and playful atmosphere. The hotel consists of 390 hotel rooms with suites, a restaurant, cocktail bar, relaxation area with a pool and gym, and conference rooms. It's a hotel of exclusivity and exquisite surroundings. It even has its own bakery.

Nothing here is accidental. At Villa Copenhagen, luxury depends on conscious and sensible choices that consider the environment. The experiences at the hotel are meant to be meaningful, and warm, and to create an awareness that one must give as much as one receives. Here, sustainability isn't a duty, but a choice.

  • Swimming Pool and Cocktail Bar

    After a leisurely stroll around central Copenhagen and shopping in some of the trendy boutiques for which Copenhagen is renowned, the Swedish couple is back at the hotel and has taken to the pool.

  • Stress melts away. They don't need to say much, just be close to each other and enjoy the silence.

  • "Life can be wonderful, can't it?" Sophie asks her husband Michael, who smiles back in agreement.

  • A few hours later, we find them impeccably dressed and relaxed in the cocktail bar T37, one of the coolest cocktail bars in all of Copenhagen. It's filled with stylish details and an elegant atmosphere.

  • Over colourful drinks, the Swedish couple chat about everything and nothing. The laughter and smiles come easily. They are clearly enjoying themselves.

  • Tonight, they will stay at the hotel and dine at its brasserie Kontrast. They are not in a rush. They are spending quality time together.

  • "There are several reasons to have a romantic timeout, but one doesn't always find the time for it. We value a hotel with that little something extra to make our stay the love-filled weekend we need."

  • "Sometimes you find a hotel that meets exactly the criteria you're looking for. And we've got just the boost we needed in our lives. Love is in the air," Sophie and Michael laugh together while the night is still young.

Sophie and Michael's Seven Good Reasons for a Romantic Break in Copenhagen

1. Quality time with each other: It's necessary to maintaining your relationship. You should do something together at least once a month. Copenhagen is perfect for that.

2. Child-free: Of course, you can do things with the kids, but it's not going to be romantic.

3. Good food and drink: Do your research beforehand. Consider what you want to get out of your stay. It's often a good idea to book a reservation at a restaurant that you'll both appreciate.

4. Shopping: We never have time for it in our everyday lives. So, when we're alone, it's a shopping spree. If your partner can't handle it, they can relax at a café or pub for a while.

5. Choose a city: Copenhagen is a bustling city that gives you plenty of opportunities to do things together.

6. Choose a great hotel: For us, the trip starts and ends with the hotel. It needs to have that little something extra, like the Villa Copenhagen does. That is more important than people may think.

7. Don't over-plan things: Overly ambitious plans can be exhausting. Simplicity is often best. Spend time together and take it easy. That's how you get the romantic timeout you need.

Two people laughing in the rooftop pool at hotel Villa Copenhagen.Fresh oysters in the restaurant at hotel Villa Copenhagen.A couple having drinks in the bar at hotel Villa Copenhagen.

Villa Copenhagen

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