You may well have been probably been dreaming about a nice holiday all year long! So, we’ve put together a list of adventurous, cultural and family-friendly activities to help you plan the summer! In this article, we highlight our top tips for family holidays in Sweden.

Medieval Week, Gotland.
The annual Medieval Week in Visby, Gotland. Photo: Elin Kero
Summer field during sunset in the nordics.

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1. Liseberg Amusement Park – Gothenburg

This is Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park that offers something for everyone, young and old. Enjoy a ride on the Valkyria, Europe’s longest Dive Coaster, with a vertical 50-metre-drop, compete against each other in a pentathlon or try your luck on one of the wheels of fortune. There are also larger scale events such as concerts and sing-a-longs during the summer. Did we mention? There’s also a funny house… and maybe, a haunted one.

Liseberg amusement park really has it all, from old-timey carousel to jaw-dropping rollercoasters. Photo: Liseberg

The young and the young at heart are sure to have a good time when spending a day here. Photo: Liseberg

2. The Vasa Museum – Stockholm

A really fascinating piece of history. This museum features a warship that was built somewhere during 1626-1628, that sank only 1300 meters into her maiden journey in 1628.  Vasa was salvaged in 1961 – almost entirely intact since the day she sank. A really cool experience. Best part? It is free admission for children and young people up to 18 years. Open: All year long.

The Vasa ship is too big to fit in the museum. Photo: Anneli Karlsson, State Maritime Museums.

The well-preserved wreckage itself. Photo: Anneli Karlsson, State Maritime Museums.

3. Medieval Week – Gotland

What was life like during the Middle Ages? During Medieval Week, there are numerous medieval activities for you to explore in Visby and in more rural parts of Gotland. These include markets, jousting, street theatre performances, artisan courses, concerts, guided tours, seminars and more! Medieval Week has so much to offer for people of all ages!

Medieval Week showcases life during the Middle Ages for an entire week each August. This annual event is a real highlight for those passionate about medieval life and people really embrace the theme whole-heartedly!

Experience jousting events with knights on horseback during Medieval Week in Visby. Photo: Mike Fergusson/Medeltidsveckan.

You can try various different medieval activities, such as archery. Photo: Maria Kristiansson/Medeltidsveckan.

4. Camel ranch – Öland

Head to a countryside ranch with the kids! This is a ranch run by a couple that hosts camel rides and other fun stuff for kids. Not sure about riding on a camel? There are also llamas and other cute and cuddly non-traditional farm animals. The ranch also hosts a café, playground, souvenir shop and a flea market.

A bunch of non-traditional farm animals. Photo: Ormöga Kamelranch.

Ever dreamed about cuddling up next to a camel? This is your chance! Photo: Ormöga Kamelranch.

5. High Chaparral – Gnosjö

It’s the Wild, Wild, West! That’s the focus of this theme park in the Swedish region of Småland. So, strap up cowboy, bring your (and your kids’) cowboy boots, wear your best jeans, and let your cowboy dreams come to life. Attractions include typical cowboy activities such as horseback riding, watching a train robbery, gold washing and of course, a fun park.

The park is built up to look like an old-timey town in the Wild West. Photo: High Chaparral

Howdy, partner! Photo: High Chaparral

6. Kolmården – Norrkoping

The biggest wildlife park in Scandinavia features a wide range of animals – with 76 species and 750 animals to be precise. You can see several species commonly found in Sweden, as well as more exotic creatures such as lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes. You'll even have the chance to get right up close to dolphins and seals! And in addition to animals, you'll also be able to experience the world's biggest wooden roller coaster, Wildfire! It has been named Europe's best roller coaster in all categories with a top speed of 115 km/h. Will you dare to try it?

Kolmården. Photo: Rana Mostaghel, UnsplashKolmården also has a funicular railway that transports you around the park, while maintaining a safe distance to the animals.

7. Astrid Lindgren’s World – Vimmerby

Experience a trip into the world of Astrid Lindgren’s famous stories. Meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga and Karlsson! You'll be able to visit their homes, watch performances, meet your favourite characters and spend a whole day playing in their world!

All the well-known sites can be seen at Astrid Lindgren's World. Photo: Örjan Karlsson

Have you heard the stories about Emil in Lönneberga? Photo: Örjan Karlsson

8. Seal Safari – Lysekil

This is a 1.5h family trip where you get to visit the seals and their families in their natural habitat. Watch them sunbathing on the rocks or feeding their pups. A great combination of fun and learning because you will have an experienced guide who’ll tell you all you want about the seals.

Beautiful Lysekil is a part of the scenic west coast of Sweden.

9. Naval Museum – Karlskrona

If you're into marine life and naval history, then you'll love the Naval Museum (Marinmuseum) in Karlskrona. As a sea-faring country, Sweden has a rich and eventful history of marine and naval adventures. Outside, on the quay, a number of museum ships are docked and inside you can explore several different exhibitions. The city of Karlskrona also has one of the few marine military bases left in Sweden.

On a sunny summer's day, the tourists line up to learn all about Sweden's naval history. Photo: State Maritime Museums.

Experience naval life and machinery. Photo: State Maritime Museums.

10. Folkets Park – Malmö

This park is the oldest people's park in the world and one of Sweden’s most visited places. It’s been around for 125 years and has some of Malmö’s most popular playgrounds, attractions (including skateboard ramps, mini-golf and a paddling pool), a live scene for theatre, concerts and performances, a reptile centre called "Terrarium" - and lots more! This is the perfect venue for picnics and kids wanting to burn off some energy. And it's free to get in too! The park is open all year round and is extremely popular among both locals and visitors.

Folkets Park in Malmo on a summer dayThe natural place for locals to spend a day with the kids, due to all the attractions and things to do.

11. Universeum – Gothenburg

Universeum is Scandinavia’s largest science centre. Located in the heart of Gothenburg, Universeum welcomed 550,000 children, young people and adults last year. This wonderful science centre seeks to have a positive impact on children’s attitudes to science, technology and maths. Prepare for a day packed with activities that will inspire the curiosity of both children and adults! Open every day.

Kids at a exhibition at UniverseumAre you ready to spark your kids' enthusiasm for science and technology? Good! Head head straight for Universeum!

Natural science is also science. Photo: Universeum

12. Skara Sommarland - Västergotland

Last but not least, what’s summer without going to at least one water park! This one is located in the middle of Sweden and features a water cannon, lagoon, 21-meter free fall into the water and the Cobra – a fun family ride for four. The park features over 12 water rides and guarantees a water temperature of at least 25 degrees.

Try a fun ride on land. Photo: Jesper Anhede/Skara Sommarland.

Or a fun ride in the water. Photo: Jesper Anhede/Skara Sommarland.

Summer field during sunset in the nordics.

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