The holiday is a time for enjoying yourself and relaxing. And what could really be better than yoga in that regard?

Sunshine on a yoga mat
Yoga mats are easy to carry, why not bring it with you on vacations.

Being able to unwind and relax is often easier said than done. That’s why yoga is the ultimate tool to take advantage of while on vacation. You can also take it with you wherever you go. To help you on the trail, we’ve collected our best beginner’s tips for yoga on the go.

Choose a peaceful and quiet environment

When you decide to spend some time on yoga on vacation, it’s a good idea to look for a quiet and harmonious place. It can be anything from a secluded lawn to your own hotel room. There is therefore no requirement whatsoever for what the perfect yoga spot is. It’s up to you to choose a place you like. All that matters is that you are going to be undisturbed. In addition to that, you only need comfortable clothes and a soft surface such as a yoga mat.

Tips on 5 simple yoga exercises

Once you have chosen the place you want to do yoga, here are some tips on simple exercises you can start with. The most important thing to remember before beginning the exercises is to take deep, calm breaths. If you can, breathe in and out through your nose. Then try to find your belly support by pulling your navel in towards your body and keep it that way throughout the exercises.

1. Downward-facing dog

Downward-facing dog.

Downward-facing dog is a pose you will learn to love. The backs of the legs get a great stretch while your heels will get closer and closer to the ground over time.

In this position you stand with your feet shoulder-length apart and hands about one metre in front of your feet. Your hipbones should be pointing upwards and your heels downwards. Keep in mind that both your back and legs should be straight. The exercise strengthens the upper body and increases the blood supply to the brain.

2. Upward-facing dog

Upward-facing dog.

Push your shoulders downwards and backwards. Keep in mind that the heart is supposed to move upwards.

This is the opposite of downward-facing dog. Lie on your stomach and have the tops of your feet downwards. Then put your hands at chest height and push yourself upwards with a curved back until only your palms and the tops of your feet are touching the floor. The upward dog helps increase the flexibility of your back.

3. Child’s pose

Child's pose.

The child’s pose is perfect for rest. You can experiment with the distance between your knees. Take deep, calm breaths and feel your weight against the carpet.

In the child’s pose you start by kneeling with your feet tucked under your body against the floor. Then you lie forwards over your knees with your arms stretched out. If you want, you can part your legs and let yourself gently fall down, with your upper body between your legs. The position is good for unwinding and relaxing.

4. Warrior pose 2

Warrior pose 2.

Mind you don’t arch your back – keep in mind that you want to keep your tailbone underneath you. This way you help your hips to open up and you become more mobile.

Warrior pose 2 starts with you taking a long step forward with the right foot and then turning the left foot about 45 degrees to the left. Then you drop down into the pose by bending your right leg forward. You finish the pose by stretching your arms straight across each leg and angling the upper body to the left. The position is then repeated in the other direction. Warrior 2 strengthens your core muscles and helps to open your hips.

5. Happy baby

Happy baby.

It takes a long time for the hips to soften and open up. Give your body time. A good idea is to have your hands on the outsides of your thighs if your groins are too tight.

To do the happy baby, you lie on your back and put your knees up against your chest. Then you grasp your toes with your hands, with your arms inside your knees. The happy baby extends the spine and opens up your groins and hips. Your entire back should be on the floor – even your lumbar region.

Yoga with others

At the Frösö Park Hotel, besides just yoga, you can also enjoy a dip in the lovely outdoor swimming pool.

Yoga Elements Spa clarion hotel StockholmAt Elements Spa you can enjoy yoga, swimming and relaxing treatments – right in central Stockholm.

Yasuragi is in a class unto itself when it comes to health and well-being.

If you do not want to do yoga alone, and feel you would be better off trying it out in a group, many of our facilities offer yoga for both overnight guests and temporary visitors. For example, at Frösö Park Hotel you can do yoga free on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00am. Elements Spa at Clarion Hotel® Stockholm offers yoga classes every day. In Stockholm, you can also participate in yoga sessions at the beautiful Yasuragi – and maybe take advantage of the spa while you’re there?

Don’t forget to relax

Take your yoga mat out in nature this summer!

Buy a light yoga mat if you are often on the go. It makes it easier to take it with you.

Before, during and after doing your exercises, try to relax. As mentioned earlier, this is often easier said than done. But nonetheless, it’s very important. We all relax in different ways and have our own little things we enjoy doing to wind down. And when you’re not sure what to do, yoga is an effective and sure ace to have up your sleeve. Remember, it may take some time to learn!

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