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73 hotels match your search

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Small talk really can lead to big business. At Clarion Hotels, all meetings are regarded as unique. A meeting with 2 people is just as important as one with 3000. We offer inspiring spaces for all kinds of meetings, no matter what the occasion.

With little extras here and there, we will retain your participants’ concentration and enhance their creativity. Here, you’ll be doing everything you don’t do at the office.


By adding exciting “extras” that focus on personal service, we can make your meetings truly special. Let us give you an energy boost and create a positive vibe for the new challenges that await.


Located in city centres or at airports. Close to everything.


Choose between compact spaces and massive ballrooms, rooms with stages and well-equipped boardrooms. Whatever you’re planning - car shows, catwalks and or introducing a new merger - we can transform our facilities to suit your needs.


We are passionate about sustainable food with local and global inspiration. All our fish is MSC/ASC certified and we have a policy of not using palm oil. Select between our three packages: Basic, Some Extra or Let’s go Crazy.


We offer a wide range of activities that are the perfect end to a long day, including Zumba, cooking classes, treasure hunts and much more! We have both indoor and outdoor activities, depending on the season and your preferences.


We are always looking to improve. And so we always make sure the ask you about your meeting here with us. Is there something we could do better? Let us know! It’s great for us and even better for you.


This is where anything can happen. The predictable meets the unpredictable. Laugh, cry, make great decisions – and some not so great. Eat, drink, mingle and dance. Do all the things you don’t do at the office. You knock, or rock, your socks off. But most of all, you got out the office and created something, together.

SMALL TALK, BIG BUSINESS – whatever the size, whatever the reason, we make it happen.

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73 hotels match your search
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