Sea view from Quality Hotel™ Skjærgården in Langesund.

Popular restaurants and bars in Langesund

In Langesund, you savour fresh, tasty food at the town's restaurants, with some offering stunning views of the archipelago. The town is widely considered to have the most sunny days in all of Norway, so sit back, enjoy excellent food and soak up the sun's rays as you look out across the waters.

Wide variety of pizzerias, cafés and bars

Langesund, located in Southern Norway, is a hidden gem lying amongst a breathtaking archipelago with boats bobbing on the waterfront and a range of excellent places to eat. With the quality and variety on offer, there is no need to go hungry, with plenty of restaurants to cater for your tastes. The town is especially known for the quality of its fish, but there are plenty of other foods on offer with everything from pizzerias to Chinese as well as several cosy, intimate cafés and bars.

Bistro dishes in the archipelago

Langesund's maritime traditions date back to 1570, and this connection to the sea is reflected in much of the town's food. And, if you are looking for an enjoyable stay, the family friendly Quality Hotel™ Skjærgården offers excellent accommodation, a water park and stunning sea views along with a great restaurant, The Social. Located at the far end of Langesund's beautiful archipelago, you can enjoy classic bistro dishes with a modern twist as you soak up the breathtaking coastal views.


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