Colorful sushi plate at restaurant.

Great food in Norwegian holiday paradise Larvik

Norwegian holiday paradise Larvik offers sea, beautiful nature and – last but not least – an exciting selection for foodies. There are bistros, restaurants and bars that are well worth a visit on every corner.

Food and drink with the sea as a neighbour

If you choose to stay at one of our hotels in Larvik, you can kill two birds with one stone – enjoy fantastic accommodation and eat delicious food. Farris Bad is our spectacular coastal hotel on the beach that offers social dining with a sea view. Quality Hotel™ Grand Larvik is also beautifully located – right beside the harbour – and has a seasonal menu for both lunch and dinner.

Explore other gems in Larvik

Larvik's a smaller town, but despite that, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to explore. French, Italian, Nordic or Asian? No matter what cuisine you fancy, you'll find it in Larvik. Many restaurants have outdoor seating and beautiful views of the sea. Although Larvik is a city that really blossoms in the summer, it can be very quaint to go there even in winter. You're warmly welcome, whatever the season.


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