A bowl with mussels served at The Social Bar & Bistro.

The Social Bar & Bistro: classic food in Stavanger

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The Social Bar & Bistro can be found in the centre of bustling Stavanger in southwest Norway. Here you can enjoy classic bistro dishes with a contemporary touch – whether you fancy a tasty burger, a pasta dish or a crisp classic Caesar salad. Unwind in the great atmosphere of this superb bistro.

Everything from pasta + salads to burgers

As you explore the heart of Stavanger, you will discover the delights of The Social Bar & Bistro, nestled in the centre of this lively city. If you are enjoying a day with friends, family or a loved one, The Social is the perfect place to enjoy classic bistro dishes with a modern touch. Here, you will find everything from popular pasta dishes to crisp Caesar salads and juicy burgers. Why not unwind and savour our snacks or a plate of delectable Italian treats and watch the world go by?

A warm and welcoming place

The friendly and relaxed atmosphere of The Social Bar & Bistro serves as the perfect space to grab a bite to eat with colleagues or relax and unwind over an excellent meal with friends, family or a loved one. The Social aspires to live up to its name and provide a space where everyone can belong, as you pull up a seat at one of their tables.

Opening hours

The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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    Arne Rettedals gate 14, 4008 Stavanger
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    +47 51 50 25 00
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