Tables ans chairs at the restaurant Kava Eatery at Frösö Park Hotel.

Food and drinks at Frösön in beautiful Östersund

Frösön is a popular destination for nature lovers, golfers and food enthusiasts alike. On this magnificent island in scenic Östersund, you can indulge in top-class food and drink. The common thread, whether you're enjoying dinner, brunch, or cocktails, is local ingredients and stunning surroundings.

Great food with outstanding views

If you're looking to enjoy good food and drink while overlooking mountains and lakes, Frösön has several bars and restaurants to choose from. Take, for instance, the Kava restaurant at Frösö Park Hotel, where the menu is as impressive as the view. The establishment also offers an outstanding brunch, featuring flavours from Sweden, Denmark, Asia, and the United States.

Pubs and bars with great reviews

A beer, whiskey or drink is well earned after a long day on the hiking trail, golf course or bike trail. The aforementioned Kava has a fantastic selection of wine, as well as beers and cocktails. If you have the opportunity to cross the Frösö Bridge, there are also a large number of reputable pubs and bars within easy reach!


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