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Interior at restaurant Lykke in Stockholm.

Lykke – modern bistro in central Stockholm

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At Lykke, dishes with a focus on Nordic flavours with a modern twist are served. Do you have an eye for interior design? Let yourself be inspired by creative design that embodies the inner nature of the Nordics.

A Nordic culinary experience

With a focus on seasonality and quality, Lykke creates magical food memories in a warm and social environment. The restaurant is suitable for both a casual lunch or a more festive dinner with friends. Lykke offers dishes that put a modern twist on fresh Nordic ingredients. Here, you have the option to either sit in the front row and watch the open kitchen or at the restaurant's chef's table. When weather permits, Lykke also has its outdoor seating area open.

Restaurant with a unique design vision

At Lykke, you can find inspiration in both food and design. The Nordic feeling is reflected in the restaurant's decor, with carefully selected furniture that, combined with the food, creates a resemblance of the Nordic nature. This unique design vision was created by Todd Saunders. Welcome to Lykke for a taste of the Nordic region on your plate and in your environment.

Modern kitchen at restaurant Lykke in Stockholm.Modern bar at restaurant Lykke in Stockholm.Food at restaurant Lykke in Stockholm.




Opening hours


Monday - Friday: 11:30 - 14:00


Monday - Friday: 17:00 - 22:00


Vasaplan 7, 111 20 Stockholm


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