Sea view in Langesund in the Norwegian archipelago.

The archipelago idyll of Langesund, south Norway

Enjoy fantastic nature in quaint Langesund. Walk in green areas, swim in the sea, stroll in the city's little centre and shop in independent shops. It's a gem of a city for both young and old. After a day of adventure, it's nice to unwind and relax at the hotel.

Lovely indoor and outdoor bathing

Of course salty swims in the sea are fantastic, but sometimes a hot tub, with its deliciously warm water is more pleasant. In Langesund, you don't have to choose, as you can enjoy bathing opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Come here for some much-needed alone time, on a romantic weekend with a partner, with your whole family or as a nice work event.

Archipelago hotel for both adults and kids

Why not book a holiday or weekend at the beautiful Quality Hotel™ Skjærgården, located in the middle of a beautiful archipelago? A visit to their fantastic Badeparken with pools, waterfalls and slides as well as warm and pleasant whirlpools is the perfect way to recharge before an evening restaurant visit. From the hotel, enjoy a fantastic view of the archipelago and the water.


Wellness facilities


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