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Warm pool in a green light at Obie Spa at Clarion Hotel Draken in Gothenburg.

Clarion Hotel® Draken

A unique Nordic spa experience at Obie Spa in Gothenburg

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Let yourself be seduced by the pleasurable drama of the Nordic climate. Welcome to Obie Spa – a place where your everyday ailments turn into steam.

An urban and Nordic Spa

Welcome to an urban spa in Gothenburg – with its foundation in Nordic culture, offering minimalist, dark, and raw materials together with the elements of fire (warmth, light) and water (cold, reflections) to make your body and soul one with nature. Relax. Treat yourself to a massage or facial. Let the light, water, steam, coolness, and warmth embrace you and transform your efforts into a spark that illuminates your presence and makes you aware – all at Obie Spa.

Relaxation at Clarion Hotel Draken

Take your time and encounter your own reflection at Obie Spa. With three hot springs, sensory showers, relaxation rooms, and various sauna experiences, it becomes a Nordic spa experience that will stay with you for a long time. It is at Järntorget in Gothenburg that you will find Obie Spa, specifically at Clarion Hotel® Draken. The hotel is a meeting place that offers many different experiences. Why not combine your spa visit with a delicious dinner and a tasty drink on the 33rd floor overlooking the city, and end the evening in a comfortable hotel bed!