Are you planning a winter holiday or weekend away, or perhaps just looking for some fun, everyday activities? The Nordic region offers a wonderful range of winter experiences – both for those who love to ski, and for those who prefer the city. Here are 6 of our best tips!

1. Dogsledding and northern lights in Tromsø

The city known as the Paris of the North is a truly unique destination, regardless of the time of year in which you visit. In the summer you can enjoy the never-setting midnight sun and nature experiences such as whale safaris and sea kayaking. And in the winter, fantastic Arctic experiences await you!

Northern lights, winter

Are you excited to see the blue-green northern lights dancing across the northern skies? The best thing to do is to dress warmly (and we mean really warmly) and head out into nature. The lights of the city often make it difficult to see the northern lights, but out in the wilderness the chances are much higher. A great way to do this is to book an evening dogsledding trip from a company like Arctic Adventure Tours! Participants are taken out to the kennels around half an hour’s drive from the city centre, where everyone can meet the Huskies before the dog teams and sleds are set up. After a spectacular ride through the dark, majestic scenery, you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee by the fire in a traditional lavvo tent. We can’t think of a better winter holiday activity!

Dogsledding in Tromsø

Rather than following this photographer’s lead, it’s better to hold on tight – you might suddenly find yourself heading downhill! Photo: Hanne Kristine Vederhus

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2. Korketrekkeren toboggan run in Oslo

No matter how you’d like to spend your time, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Oslo. Restaurants, nightlife, shopping and culture are just some of the things that the city has to offer. Take a look at our 10 best Oslo tips.

But what we’d like to tell you about here is perhaps one of the city’s most popular and exciting winter activities. If you’re a fan of snow and great views, and enjoy the rush of adrenaline and the wind in your hair, pack your winter clothes and get ready for some sledding at the Korketrekkeren (‘Corkscrew’) toboggan run! Take the metro to Frognerseteren and rent your sled from Akeforeningen before heading downhill. A run down to Midtstuen takes around ten minutes – then you can simply take the metro up to the top again for another breezy ride through the forest.

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life –

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3. Åre mountain paradise in Jämtland

Does skiing, powder and a mountain hotel stay sound like what you’re looking for? At the Swedish mountain paradise of Åre you’ll get all this and more! Åre is a perfect destination for outdoor activities, whether you’re into hiking, fishing, kayaking – or skiing. This is a fantastic place to take a ski holiday, with excellent cross-country routes, steep downhill slopes and a variety of touring options.

Downhill skiing in Åre

Downhill skiing in beautiful Åre. Photo: Skistar

From Copperhill Mountain Lodge, our spa hotel and ski resort, it’s easy to head outdoors and enjoy any of the activities on offer. And after a long day out in the fresh mountain air, nothing beats sitting by the fire or some relaxing time in the spa or jacuzzi with a view of the majestic Åre mountains. Did you know that the hotel has also been voted Sweden’s best ski hotel?

Winter at Copperhill Mountain Lodge

Winter at Copperhill Mountain Lodge. Photo: Strawberry

4. Ice skating in Stockholm

It’s easy to find things to do all year round in Sweden’s lively capital, whether you’re visiting for a weekend or your winter holiday. At Visit Stockholm you’ll find guides for all the family, or tips about attractions such as museums. For advice on the best places to eat, check out these ten great restaurants.

But the winter activity we’d like to tell you about here takes place on the ice – on skates! With ICEguide you can join a skating trip on one of a number of small lakes, on the larger Lake Mälaren, or on the frozen sea of Stockholm’s archipelago. Guaranteed fun for young and old alike!

Ice skating in Stockholm

Photo: Henrik Trygg /

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5. Snowmobile trips in Helsinki

Helsinki has become a highly popular destination, and for good reason – the city has flourished in recent years, offering great art, design and restaurants. Interested in taking a trip to Helsinki during the winter? Then why not combine a city break with some action in Finland’s excellent nature – like snowmobiling! Burn Out City’s snowmobile safari is the company’s most popular winter activity, where 30 kilometres from the city centre you can ride through snow-covered forests and the archipelago before enjoying a meal by an open fire.

Snowmobile safari in Helsinki

Photo: Burn Out City

If you’re feeling chilly after the trip, you can always relax in a hot Finnish sauna on your return to the city! Want to stay at a hotel with a sauna? Check out the Clarion Hotel Helsinki. Or if you’d like to stay near the airport, the Clarion Hotel Aviapolis also has a sauna.

6. Copenhagen – an excellent destination all year round

Perhaps what you’d most like to do is simply saunter around a charming city with a warming cup of coffee in your hand? If so – choose Copenhagen. The Danish capital never fails to offer a great break. Here attractions such as the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), Amalienborg palace and the city’s many museums are open all year round – and the Tivoli amusement park offers fun for all the family. Skating is also a popular winter activity in Copenhagen. Rent your skates at Frederiksberg Runddel for 50 kroner, head out onto the ice, and enjoy the winter season!

The pool at Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

Of course, you can also enjoy winter indoors by the pool at the Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport. Photo: Strawberry

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