Ten energising experiences for your meeting: "The most enjoyable day at work in a long time!"

Meetings and conferences can sometimes become lengthy and monotonous. How about solving puzzles together? Discover expert tips for injecting energy into your meetings and conferences in Norway's capital.

People smiling while taking a selfie at Escape Games in Oslo.
  • "This is the most enjoyable day I've had at work in a long time," says Jannicke, laughing.

  • She and her colleagues take a selfie at Escape Games in Oslo, a place where you must solve tasks and puzzles against the clock. It's challenging and fun, and the workday takes a turn they didn't expect at the seminar.

  • "Every long meeting needs a bit of energy, like finding solutions together in escape rooms," says Jannicke, a manager in an Oslo-based company. She continues:

  • "It's also great for team building, and we get to know each other in a completely different way."

  • The team building game is one of many creative activities you can take part in when your company holds meetings or workshops in Oslo.

  • Expert tips on successful meetings

    "Those who excel at holding meetings develop content with consideration for the length of presentations and the overall programme."

  • "Taking breaks and incorporating cultural experiences or dialogue tasks keeps people sharp and helps them absorb the message even better," says André Schreiner, hotel director at Clarion Hotel® The Hub.

  • He believes Oslo is the perfect city for exciting diversions.

  • "Oslo is an intimate city with much to offer. Distances are short, and it's easy to combine a variety of experiences and venues. In addition, it must be pointed out that it's a well-functioning city."

  • "People arrive on time, and it's easy to reach your destination and to return home. Few places in the world work as well as Norway when it comes to transport, attractions, hotels, and restaurants," claims Schreiner.

  • In Oslo, there are plenty of activities that can elevate your meeting to a whole new level and create fresh energy.

  • We've all been there – in meetings that feel endless, with our thoughts drifting elsewhere. But by introducing something surprising and enjoyable for employees, efficiency and creativity will both increase.

  • Staying at one of Strawberry's centrally located hotels lets you easily plan inspiring activities that cater to art enthusiasts as well as those that give your colleagues a proper challenge.

Here are ten inspiring break options in central Oslo

1. The Escape Games

Are your colleagues clever enough to tackle this challenge during the break? The missions take just 60 minutes to complete. Here, you can choose between 'Navigate a submarine to Oslo harbour or be trapped on board forever,' 'Travel to the Wild West and stop a train,' or 'House of Evil', where the goal is to finish the game before the other team. This is genuinely enjoyable team building that clears the mind before your next meeting. Learn more here.

"Ugh! There's a man inside the door! There's blood and tools here. 'House of Evil' is absolutely out of the question," say the colleagues with a mix of laughter and fear. They decide on the submarine voyage mission.

Costumes are donned, and strategy and problem-solving skills are discussed among the group. Out of solidarity, no one is designated the smartest, but they agree to tackle the tasks as they come.

2. Year-round swimming

An increasing number of people are embracing the trend of swimming all year round, and saunas have popped up all over Oslo. Some of the most charming are the floating saunas moored on the Oslo Fjord, with views of the Opera House, the Munch Museum, and the rest of Oslo's skyline.

"It feels like I'm resetting my brain," says Sverre, who loves swimming in all seasons and temperatures.

You can take your employees on an ice bathing or cold swimming challenge on a drop-in basis or book a private sauna. Private saunas can accommodate anywhere from eight to 25 people. Visit Oslo Badstueforening for more information. Ice bathing can be combined with meeting rooms Haven, Styrerom, or Gustav at Amerikalinjen, just a stone's throw from the Oslo Fjord and Oslo's floating saunas.

Man jumping into the water from the sauna in Oslo.
  • 3. MUNCH

    It's nearly unthinkable to meet in Oslo without experiencing the spectacular new Munch Museum. Especially if you've already been ice bathing with the art museum in Bjørvika as your backdrop.

  • MUNCH is now one of the world's largest museums dedicated to a single artist.

  • Visit for art and cultural experiences across 13 floors and to get up close and personal to Edvard Munch's life and work, including his most iconic painting The Scream.

  • Clarion Hotel® Oslo, boasts a world-class art collection and offers over 13 small and large meeting and conference spaces.

  • 4. The Deichman library

    Oslo's new main library is much more than just a home for books.

  • First and foremost, it's an impressive and inspiring building, both outside and inside.

  • It's worth the trip just to see the 19,600 m² structure spanning five floors. Grab a coffee on the ground floor, explore the entire building, lounge on designer furniture, and soak up the inspiration found in this renowned library.

  • Make sure to its website in advance of your visit for workshops and lectures. Visiting Deichman is free, and you can spend as much time there as you like.

  • The nearest hotel with excellent meeting rooms, a fantastic restaurant, and outdoor seating is the Clarion Hotel® Oslo.

5. Bjørvika and the harbour promenade

Bjørvika is Oslo's hip new district. Here, you can enjoy at least two activities in one. Take a 'walk and talk' – stroll from the Opera House, through Barcode, and out to Sørenga. Or walk the entire length of the capital's new harbour promenade. In the summer, you'll pass two of Oslo's lovely urban beaches and truly experience the capital at its best. We recommend picking up donuts and coffee from the Talormade bakery in Bispevika, giving you a New York experience throughout your entire break.

6. The National Museum

In June 2022, the entire collections from the National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design were brought together under one roof at the new National Museum. It's the largest art museum in the Nordic region and is located at Aker Brygge. Here, you will find the country's most extensive collections of art, architecture, and design – including the national treasure, the painting The Bridal Procession in Hardanger by Adolph Tidemand. There is also a separate Edvard Munch room there.

7. Bollebar

If you need a refill after the art tour at the National Museum, it's worth a visit to Bollebar, located just outside. Here, you'll taste buns like you've never tasted before. In pink premises and with cool interiors, you can choose between filled, topped, crispy, sprinkled, sweet, and salty buns. It's an efficient food experience out of the ordinary.

Near the National Museum and Bollebar lies the hotel THE THIEF. Here you'll find exclusive meeting rooms, and you can also reserve the FJORD venue with its own rooftop terrace.

8. Syng

If your company is up for the challenge, karaoke during the break can elevate your meeting to new heights. Create laughter and book Syng. There are private karaoke rooms accommodating four to 15 people. Just make sure you're ready to handle your colleagues humming Dancing Queen by ABBA for the rest of the workshop...

9. Rent your own cinema

If you want to end a meeting day in a truly unique way, you can arrange an intimate and private cinema experience. Sommerro has its own screening room complete with comfortable art deco lounge chairs and carpeted walls. The cinema can be rented for anything from presentations and launches to private movie nights. In total, the hotel has eight historical rooms that can be rented for meetings and events of various sizes.

Don't miss this fantastic story about Sommerro's Guest Relations Manager, Dominic Gorham, on meeting singer Adele and former President Barack Obama, and the secrets behind excellent service.

10. The Paradox Museum

The Paradox Museum is located in the middle of Oslo city centre and will definitely add both food for thought and lots of laughter to your break. The museum has over 70 paradox-based exhibitions and is suitable for all ages. Here, you can float upside down while holding a balloon, put your head on a plate, and walk through a spinning tunnel. The museum provides an unusual experience, plenty to talk about, and great pictures for social media.

"Take a picture while I stick my head up here," says Adrian. His colleagues laugh, and pictures are taken. Conversations have moved on to completely different topics than work, and it's clear that this is a welcome social break.

Colleagues having fun at The Paradox Museum in Oslo.

Creating good meeting dynamics

Strawberry has a number of hotels in the heart of Oslo with conference and meeting facilities. In addition, there are several new hotels just outside the centre, such as the Quality Hotel™ 33 Økern. All the hotels are still within a short distance of Oslo's creative break options. But before you plan your meeting, you should have a few things clear in your mind, according to hotel director at Clarion Hotel® The Hub, André Schreiner.

"The most important thing is to know what you want to get out of your meeting. What is the goal and intention of the meeting? Have this clear in your mind when contacting the hotel, because with this knowledge, the right meeting format can be set up for you. This plan controls your setup and schedule. We can then both facilitate and provide tips and advice on how to conduct the meeting. For those who know what they want to get out of the meeting, there are fantastic opportunities," says Schreiner.

Strawberry will then take care of all the practical details, not just the premises, and can also plan your lunch and break times. This applies whether you are five people or 500 people.

We always recommend some form of mingling when you are finished, in order to process the day. We have a room for informal conversations, which can create good vibes and action after a meeting.

Colleagues doing meeting activities in Oslo.

Hotels in Oslo with great meeting and conference rooms

Clarion Hotel® The Hub

Where: Biskop Gunnerus gate 3, 0106 Oslo

For whom: The hotel is located in the centre of Oslo, and right by Oslo Central Station for those arriving by plane or train. Suitable for both smaller groups and larger conferences.

Why: This is a new and modern conference hotel. Here, you will find Kongressalen, a 900 square meter hall, 22 meeting rooms, and an 80 square meter VIP room. The hotel also has a fitness room and spa. The hotel is also known for its views of Oslo and the Oslo Fjord. There are opportunities for both lunch and dinner at the hotel, with an exciting food concept by star chef Marcus Samuelsson.

Clarion Hotel® Oslo

Where: Dronning Eufemias gate 15, 0191 Oslo

For whom: A new, centrally located hotel close to Oslo Central Station. Stay close to the Munch Museum and Bjørvika. Suitable for those who want to focus on art. You will even find a separate gallery here, Sketch, and there is even a Munch painting hanging in the reception.

Why: The hotel has a conference capacity for 1,200 people. The largest hall accommodates 400 people in cinema seating, and banquet seating for 200. You will also find smaller meeting rooms. The hotel has both a bar and a restaurant.


Where: Landgangen 1, 0252 Oslo

For whom: Within walking distance of Nasjonalteateret train station. Here, you can stay close to the National Museum and the Astrup Fearnley Museum. The hotel has a spa and is virtually on the water, with saunas nearby. Here, you and your colleagues have access to a restaurant, bar, and rooftop terrace.

Why: You can arrange events for up to 150 people. Exclusive boardrooms and meeting rooms that can also be made more private if desired. THE THIEF is also home to the FJORD, a venue with its own rooftop terrace overlooking the Oslo Fjord.

Quality Hotel™ 33

Where: Østre Aker vei 33, PB 172 Økern (11 minutes by underground to the city centre)

For whom: For those who want absolutely everything in one place, this is an inspiringchoice. Hotel, gym, nice outdoor running trails, café, restaurant, and Top Floor 33, a bar with panoramic views of the Oslo Fjord.

Why: Quality Hotel™ 33 has been named one of the capital's best training and conference hotels. The conference department has 17 modern conference rooms featuring the latest technology and with a total capacity of up to 980 participants. Here, you can tailor your meeting plan for everything from small meeting rooms to much larger ones. The premises are bright, airy, and modern.

Visiting Oslo on business? Explore meeting rooms and conference facilities here.

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