The first hotel room for gamers in the Nordics: "Absolutely fantastic!"

Swedish gamer Copycatish has tried out the new gaming rooms at Quality Hotel™ Globe. "This is excellent. They've thought of everything here," she says.

  • Alexandra Feline, a gamer from Nynäshamn who uses the Twitch handle Copycatish, has just logged in at one of the five newly built gaming rooms at Quality Hotel ™ Globe in Stockholm.

  • These hotel rooms are the first of their kind and are specially designed for gaming and streaming.

  • "It's fantastic!" she enthuses.

  • "At last, there's a market for this. Some people just want to relax and watch TV, but I also want to hang out with my friends."

  • "It almost feels like I'm at home, but I don't have to bring loads of my own stuff. Here, I can connect with my entire community," says Copycatish.

  • About the gaming room

    Copycatish started gaming actively during the pandemic, playing World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and indie games.

  • She's impressed with Strawberry's innovation.

  • They've thought of everything here: The room has blackout and sound-absorbing curtains, sound dampeners, high-speed internet, and dedicated gaming lighting.

  • The technology in the rooms was developed in collaboration with Telia, while GSIGN created the interior concepts and gaming furniture.

  • And of course, there's a computer, access to a wide range of popular games, two screens, and a headset that meets the strict requirements of gaming.

Why the hotel has a gaming room

"When I get an idea, I go straight to 150 kilometres per hour! This has been a huge success," says Tina Hedman, hotel director at Quality Hotel™ Globe, to Strawberry. She is smiling and is full of enthusiasm.

She's the one behind the idea of including gamers in today's hotels, an idea which led to the first of these innovative hotel rooms opening at Strawberry in November 2022. Tina points out that gaming isn't just a hobby — it's also a sport and source of entertainment. Among the guests, you'll find business travellers as well as young gamers with their families.

"We know that this is the future, and that it's growing rapidly. We are welcoming everyone from adults aged 30-50 on business trips who want to unwind in the evenings, to families with children and teenagers. Gamers don't watch TV in the evening; their way of disconnecting from everything else is gaming," explains Tina.

After Quality Hotel™ Globe led the way, Quality Hotel™ Match in Jönköping, Sweden, has also followed suit with five of its own gaming rooms. In Norway, the concept have also been launched at Quality Hotel™ Expo in Oslo.

  • A Gamer's Verdict on the Gaming Room

    "The room is superb! It works for streaming too, since it has a camera and lamp, among other things."

  • It's not just a regular hotel room with a computer in the corner, says Copycatish:

  • "The gaming desk is of high quality and there's an ergonomic chair. The room allows different people to have a great setup. In addition, the decor is gaming-inspired with great lighting and other nice details."

  • She particularly likes the fact that the gaming room is designed for everyone:

  • "Gamers now come in all ages and shapes. It's no longer an identity. Gaming has become a legitimate hobby for everyone. I'm part of a generation that grew up with games," she says, adding with a smile:

  • "Over the last ten years, I've received comments like, 'how can you stand playing for ten hours straight?' I often reply, 'how can you stand watching Grey's Anatomy for ten hours straight...?'"

Copycatish's 5 Tips for Parents:

  1. Learn about gaming and the games your children are playing.

  2. There used to be a lot of negativity around screen time, but these days if you refuse to let your children game, they'll most likely end up on a tablet or phone instead. That's less social.

  3. Teach your children how to deal with people who are being mean online.

  4. I've learned English through gaming. Games are a useful language tool.

  5. Play together with your children and engage in the world they're a part of. Children love being able to teach their parents something.

You can book a gaming room at the Quality Hotel ™ Globe here.

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