– how to make a start. Zero is actually a really good place to start; after all, you can only go up from there… Check out our tips below and you’ll soon be able to claim a free night at one of our hotels!

Many of us have customer loyalty card we never use. We are passive members, without particularly high status. But customer clubs are like most other clubs: some are simply cooler than others. However, to get ‘on the inside’, you have to know the opportunities open to you – and then use them.

You have already joined the Strawberry. But do you know the opportunities that exist in your membership? Possibly not … so we have put together a little ‘come inside’ guide.

Hint 1: Understand how simple it is

The model is actually really simple. For every krone you spend on overnight accommodation at a hotel, you earn one bonus point. If you have no points on your account, you have never spent a night at a Strawberry. Or you sleepwalked through reception and forgot to register your night’s stay. Perhaps you didn’t book directly on strawberryhotels.com or via our app.

The moral of this story is: choose Strawberry the next time you are planning to stay at a hotel – and remember to state your membership number when you book. Hey presto! You’re off the mark and points are piling up on your account. From here on in, the only way is up!

Hint 2: Think before hiring a car

We are naturally keen for you to think about the environment before hiring a car, but if you are travelling in a group, hiring a car together can actually be a really practical solution. And every time you, as a member of our club, hire a car through Hertz, we will put 1,000 points on your account. What is more, you will enjoy a 10% discount on car hire worldwide.

Once you have worked out the point collecting scheme, you can also use your bonus points to hire cars. It normally ‘costs’ 25–35,000 bonus points to hire a car, depending on the size of the vehicle you choose. So if you have spent a few nights at a hotel while travelling on company business, you suddenly have enough points to hire a car for your family holiday. Smart, or what?


Hint 3: Book via strawberryhotels.com

This simple hint can prove highly profitable in the long term. Remember to book via strawberryhotels.com – as this will ensure you earn 10% extra bonus points.

Hint 4: Choose the hotel restaurant when you stay with us

As a member, you can get between 35 to 125 SEK off, depending on your membership level, when you eat at a hotel restaurant during your stay. A restaurant voucher will automatically be added to your Strawberry app and you can save money to spend on other fun things!

Hint 5: Rack up points at work – and then use them on holiday

Have you spent several nights at hotels in connection with meetings in Oslo or Bergen over the past year? Don’t forget that every krone you spend on overnight accommodation earns bonus points. As soon as you have earned 7,500 bonus points, you can start using them. Use your points for a weekend away with your partner in Stockholm or Rome, for example!

And finally: the good feeling

Being member of a customer loyalty club naturally generates benefits for you as a customer – but it also has to do with being part of a larger community. We at Strawberry place great emphasis on our working relationship with UNICEF. UNICEF estimates that worldwide, 132 million children are child labourers and 1.2 million children are the victims of human trafficking every year.

Once you have got off to a good start collecting points, you can choose to give some of them to UNICEF to help with the organisation’s work to ensure children enjoy a healthy childhood free from violence and exploitation.

Click here to find out how this works.

P.S. This is just a selection of all the great things that await you when you become a member of the Strawberry. View all benefits here!