Late check-out until 6pm, guaranteed use of your bonus nights and guaranteed room availability. There are many benefits to being a PLATINUM member of Strawberry – because we reserve the very best rewards for our most loyal guests.

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The nights away from home might be long…

… but they certainly shouldn’t be cold! On the contrary – our valued PLATINUM members always receive an extra warm welcome. Most of our Strawberry PLATINUM members make extensive use of our hotels in the Nordic region, and we understand just how important comfort is for our guests who spend so many days a year travelling. We also know that such regular expenses must be reasonable – and provide significant rewards.

Smart booking that pays

PLATINUM members have access to all the benefits of BLUE, SILVER and GOLD membership, as well as the final – and most exclusive – benefits of our loyalty programme.

As always, our booking channels provide the best prices, and also enable you to earn the highest possible bonus points. All bookings made at and via our app are subject to our price guarantee, which means you’ll always have access to the lowest prices at all of our hotels. We make sure that your loyalty pays.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that your total earned bonus points counts: When you’ve earned a total of 1,000,000 bonus points you can truly sit back and relax – because your PLATINUM membership is then yours for life.

Deserved PLATINUM guarantees

When time isn’t of the essence, nothing beats a lazy morning with no alarm clock to wake you and a cup of coffee in bed – so use our guaranteed late check-out whenever time is on your side and keep your room right up until 6pm on the day you leave us. And a bigger room, a better view or additional facilities are never a bad thing! As a PLATINUM member, you’re guaranteed a room upgrade – as well as the opportunity to use your bonus nights, as long as the hotel has a vacant standard room.

Small pleasures

Premium comfort is all in the details. So as a PLATINUM member, you can enjoy a bottle of mineral water per night at no extra cost. And perhaps even better – as a PLATINUM member there’s no need to worry about your destination being fully booked when you suddenly need to travel at short notice. Our most loyal members are guaranteed a room at their desired destination as part of their membership. Just make sure that you book with Customer Service at least 24 hours prior to arrival, and we’ll have your room ready for you.

Use our gym facilities for free – even when not staying at our hotels

Everyone who travels in connection with work knows just how hard it can be to maintain good habits while on the road – including getting enough exercise. So remember that you can work out for free at all our hotels offering training facilities.

Live in a city or area where one of our hotels is located? As a PLATINUM member, you don’t actually need to be staying at one of our hotels in order to use our gym facilities free of charge. Just stop by one of our hotels offering training facilities and let us know that you’re a PLATINUM member – if it’s convenient, you can exercise in the morning or on the way home from work without it costing you a single kroner. Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships that you may not have time to make full use of!

Points on travel and car rentals

Strawberry collaborates with a range of partners to give our members additional benefits beyond our hotels’ doors, so it can pay to find out more about what’s available – such as when booking a holiday or renting a car.

Our PLATINUM members can also match their membership status with Hertz, and receive Hertz Gold Plus Reward – President’s Circle membership. There’s plenty of benefits and great experiences on offer from our partners – as well as the opportunity to earn plenty of points.

You can reach our PLATINUM membership level either through your earned bonus points, or through the number of nights you stay at our hotels. If you’ve earned 100,000 bonus points or stayed at our hotels for 60 nights over a 12-month period, you’ll become a PLATINUM member of Strawberry.

Want to see an overview of all our PLATINUM benefits? Take a look here.