There’s plenty to be gained from a membership – did you know, for example, that SILVER members don’t need to check out until 4pm? Here, we explain the benefits that comes with a SILVER membership in Strawberry.

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Benefits that give you more for your money

Have you ever packed so much in your hand luggage that the zip is set to burst, only to later realise that a 20kg checked-in suitcase was included in your airline membership? Or perhaps you’ve spent a stressed-out half-hour packing so that you can check out of the hotel on time, because you failed to remember that late check-out was included in your membership of the hotel’s loyalty programme? It’s nice to avoid missing out on benefits that will make your trip easier! By reading about and remembering what’s included in your membership with us, we hope that you’ll be able to make the most of your well-earned benefits.

Book smart

As a SILVER member, you’ll receive all the benefits of BLUE membership, in addition to several new benefits. To make the most of them, there’s a couple of things worth remembering – such as how you can get the best possible room rate, and earn as many points as possible. If you’re booking a stay at one of our hotels and are a member, it pays to follow these tips:

Go to our website,, or download our app, and make your booking from there. This will give you the best possible price, since we guarantee the lowest rates at our hotels. When booking via our channels, all members also receive an extra 10% bonus points on their bookings. And – as a SILVER member – you can cancel any booking made via our channels free of charge right up until 9pm on the date of arrival. In addition, all members also receive a 5-15% discount on the usual room rate, both when booking via our digital channels and through Customer Service. And last but not least, SILVER members always receive 10% extra bonus points per stay.

Spend longer at the hotel before checking out

Zana at Customer Service Zana speaks with our guests and members every single day – and as a Customer Service representative, she knows all the ins and outs of our membership benefits.

Zana is a Customer Coordinator at our Customer Service Centre in Sweden, and assists our customers and guests on a daily basis. She says that SILVER members particularly enjoy being able to check out later, free of charge. “Many of our customers welcome the opportunity to stay at the hotel a little longer when convenient. And they also appreciate the club price, which gives them a 5% discount on the room rate”, says Zana.

The usual check-out time is 12pm, but as a SILVER member you can switch off your alarm clock and enjoy a lazy morning in bed – because there’s no need to check out until 4pm, provided that the hotel has available capacity. Just remember to let reception know that you’d like to check out later, either when booking or checking in.

Eat cheaper or earn points

Not made a reservation for dinner? If the hotel you’re staying at has a restaurant, it pays to enjoy a dinner with us. When staying at a Clarion Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ or one of our independent hotels, SILVER members receive a restaurant voucher worth 75 SEK or 8 EUR per night. The voucher is valid for the day on which it is issued – use it when paying, and we’ll deduct the amount from your bill.

Check out what’s on offer from our partners

Strawberry collaborates with a range of partners, where members can both earn and use their bonus points. For example, if you’re thinking of booking a holiday or renting a car, it can pay to check out our partner agreements. Click here for information about our partners in Denmark, and here for information about our Finnish partner agreements.

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You can reach our SILVER membership level either through your earned bonus points, or through the number of nights you stay at our hotels. If you’ve earned 15,000 bonus points or stayed at our hotels for five nights over a 12-month period, you’ll become a SILVER member of Strawberry.

Details of all our SILVER benefits can be found here. Almost reached the next membership level? Check out what benefits await you as a GOLD member!