Are you tired of having to bring several changes of clothes when you’re travelling? Or even worse, having to seek out a dry cleaner? Well, we certainly understand you, so we’ve come up with a way for you to clean your clothes in your room!

Clean your clothes in your hotel room with the LG Styler
The LG Styler is a steam closet that can freshen up all kinds of different garments

LG Styler – convenient and environmentally friendly

We have teamed up with LG to offer our guests a convenient, simple and environmentally friendly clothing care system. The LG Styler is a steam closet that can freshen up all kinds of different garments, such as suits, blouses, sports gear and trainers. After all, most of the time our clothes don’t really need to be washed after being worn just once or twice. It’s generally enough to get them freshened up, and the LG Styler is a pro when it comes to that! The steam closet can even be used to dry damp clothes, and there is trouser press in the door.

Clarion Hotel is leading the way!

“We are taking things one step further and are integrating the latest technology into our guest experience. What was once science fiction is now a reality for Clarion Hotel Sign’s guests, and it is entirely in line with our ambition to be an industry leader in guest experiences,” says Henrik Berghult, General Manager of the Clarion Hotel Sign.

Since the LG Styler came onto the market at the end of 2017, demand has been high since it is the only such product available in Sweden. We have been trialling the LG Styler in one of the suites at the Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm. There has been lots of positive feedback from our guests, so we have now decided to install steam closets at the Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborgn and Clarion Hotel Gillet in Sweden, and at every Clarion Hotel in Norway.

Free for members

In the future, we will be offering this service free of charge to our Platinum members, but for now, during the implementation phase that is running until 1 March 2019, all our members have the chance to test this innovative clothing care system for free! During this time, the steam closets will be available for use in the hotel’s communal spaces. Contact a member of staff if you would like to have any of your clothes freshened up, but please note that you must be a member of the Strawberry. If you are not yet a member, you can easily join here.The LG Styler will remain in the suite at the Clarion Hotel Sign and can be used by the guests who are staying in it.

Find out more about the LG Styler steam closet here.

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