We will accompany you through a hotel stay with your mobile phone as a travel companion.

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Hi, before you continue reading we just have to say that not all of these features are available at all our hotels yet. Digitalisation is a journey and we are on our way. You can read more about it further down!

1. Download the app

Do you have an iPhone? This way.

Do you use an Android? This way.

You are probably already a member of Strawberry, but just in case you’re not, you can register easily in the app! Or right here, if you want to do it right away.

2. Book hotels

With the app you can book hotels wherever you are. In a queue at the shops, while you’re walking the dog, or while you’re on the toilet. You just need your mobile and a break for a moment or two.

Woman with her phone and a mobile screen of the app

3. Have full control of your bookings

Once your future hotel stay is booked, the wait can begin. Are you bored at work? Just open up the app and see how many days left until your holiday starts. Browse through photos of the hotel while dreaming of its soft sheets and hotel breakfast. Guess what? You can now also view your previous stays under My Page. Go on, dream yourself back in time!

4. Prepay and checking in

Once the clock has struck 9am on the day of your arrival, you can prepay for your stay, and at 3pm you can check in – all in the app! Then it's sorted.

If you are unsure of where the hotel is located, you can click on “Directions” to open the map and be guided to the front door.

5. Get your room key on your phone

Yep, you can unlock the hotel door with our app! The Mobile Keys feature gives you one card less to keep track of. You just open the app, activate the mobile key, and hold it up to the black box over the door handle. And voilà - you're in!

The mobile key can of course also be used for anything else you otherwise use the key card for, such as the elevator and the gym (if you do that sort of thing).

Hotel bed and app screen with mobile key

6.Digital restaurant vouchers

Members of the Strawberry staying at a Quality Hotel™, Clarion Hotel® or one of our independent hotels will now receive their restaurant vouchers digitally via our app. Easy to keep track of and easy to use!

7. Chat with reception

Were you up a little late yesterday? Is the bed a little too comfortable? Just stay there; in the app you can chat with the reception and ask whatever you want without having to move a muscle (well, except your thumbs…).

  • Hungry? Send down a request for breakfast to be delivered to the room.

  • Tired? Check if it’s possible to check out later.

  • Clothing all wrinkled? Ask to have an ironing board delivered to the room.

8. Check out

When it's time to pack your suitcases and head back home, open the app one last time and press the checkout button. If you haven’t already prepaid, you can pay now. Then you will be ready to take your bags, walk right past reception and out into the wide world again – with new bonus points in your pocket! Thanks for staying at our hotel!

Man in a car talking on this phone looking out the window

9. The latest feature – Add missing bookings

Forgot to log into your Strawberry account when booking your last stay? Or did someone book a hotel for you without entering your member ID? Now you can add your missing bookings and keep a track of all your upcoming stays - and better yet, not miss out on those beautiful bonus points. Your missing booking can only be added in the app if...

  • ... the booking is upcoming - past bookings cannot be added.

  • ... the name on the booking matches the name of the member ID holder.

  • ... the booking is not already registered on another member ID.

Bonus: Choose room

A popular addition to the app is the Choose Room feature, which so far is only available at Clarion Hotel® Sign, Clarion Hotel® Stockholm, Clarion Hotel® The Hub and Clarion Hotel® & Congress Oslo Airport. The function allows you to choose the room you want to stay in. Do you like being on the upper floors or as close to the ground as possible? Near the elevator? Having a view of something in particular? Choose your favourite room if you have one!

Limitations and possibilities

The slightly sad news:

You can always use the app for:

  • Booking hotels

  • Get a full overview of your past bookings (up to 12 months back in time) and upcoming stays

  • Prepaying for your stay

  • Seeing your bonus points and membership benefits in the Strawberry

  • Checking out

Do you want to download the app right now?

Then you can do so here if you have an iPhone.

Or here if you use an Android phone.