Norway's national day is fast approaching and some people may well be feeling a bit stressed about all the preparations that still need to be made. We have put together a useful checklist with some top tips to help you prepare for 17 May!


Plan your outfit

Think about what you’re going to wear on the big day and make sure it all fits properly! Try your shoes on, and if you’ve bought a new pair, it’s a good idea to break them in before 17 May to avoid blisters. Also pack some plasters in case your feet start to hurt on the day!

Sunglasses or umbrellas?

One thing is certain about the weather in Norway – it’s unpredictable. Check the weather forecast and be prepared for sudden changes! It’s always a good idea to pack both sunglasses and umbrellas, just in case! P.S. On a sunny day, you may well need sun cream!


Make sure that you have enough battery life on your phone to be able to take plenty of photos throughout the day!

Payment options

Not all sausage and ice cream stands accept cards! Avoid disappoint by making sure that your phone has enough battery to use mobile payment options or take out some cash.

Hand sanitizer

Huge crowds of people tend to gather on 17 May, and you may well not have the chance to wash your hands as you move from one stand to the next, sampling all the tasty delicacies on sale! Avoid catching a cold by bringing your own hand sanitizer gel.

Breakfast & BBQ essentials

Only a small number of shops are open on 17 May, so make sure to buy all the ice cream, fizzy drinks and champagne you need for the big day! If you’re planning to go to a champagne breakfast and are bringing along some food, we recommend something that’s easy to prepare, looks festive and is a crowd pleaser! Ideally it should be something that you can prepare in advance to avoid any stress on the day itself. How about a fruit platter, deli meats and cheeses, or a nice cake?

Breakfast is an important part of the celebration for many on 17 May!

The most important thing

Do all your friends and family have something planned on 17 May? National day celebrations should be all about togetherness! So, if you know of someone in your social circle who doesn’t have anyone to hang out with on 17 May, invite them to join you! How about a champagne breakfast, a barbeque or getting together to watch the 17 May Parade? No one should be alone on 17 May – unless of course they want to be! If you’re feeling extra inclusive, this is also a great opportunity to get to know new people!

Rent a venue

If you don’t have enough space in your home to host a 17 May part, we recommend you to book a table at a restaurant at one of our hotels, or go ahead and surprise a loved one with an overnight stay! If everything is fully booked, then you can always keep it in mind for next year. Get an overview of all our hotels in Norway here – and discover all the fabulous bars and restaurants at our hotels.

Did someone say hotel?

It’s worth noting that several hotels make a big deal of this special day, so we certainly think it’s a good idea to see what’s on at our hotels near you! Pick up the phone, send an email or just pop in and ask us for further information. Follow the links below to see what’s on at some of our hotels to mark the Norwegian national day:

Sommerro, right in the heart of the 17 May festivities on Oslo’s Solli Plass square, is more than ready for the big day!

THE THIEF is ideally situated for the national day celebrations in Oslo’s Tjuvholmen neighbourhood!

Wood Hotel Bodø is set to open for the very first time just a couple of days before 17 May and is keen to welcome cheery guests in through its doors!

Quality Hotel™ River Station in Drammen has a 17 May buffet and a 17 May breakfast to mark the occasion! And the fabulous breakfast here at the hotel has received an Twinings Best Breakfast award!

Quality Hotel™ Maritim in Haugesund loves everything about 17 May and invites you to join in the celebrations at the hotel!

Clarion Hotel® Stavanger in - yes, you've guessed it - Stavanger, serves a lovely 17 May breakfast, lunch or dinner! You can book via the link.

Clarion Hotel® Stavanger also accepts bookings for its cocktail bar on floor 14 via this link.

Have a great time celebrating!