Autumn holidays are just around the corner. Here are some suggestions for activities to get the most out of your days off!

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Keep in mind, while there are many things you should do, there are a few very important don’ts when it comes to enjoying the Scandinavian autumn season. Below is a small guide to help you decide how to best maximize your well deserved break.


… Unwind at a spa

What is better than to swim some laps in a heated indoor pool whilst the wind is roaring outside? Treat yourself with a stay at a spa hotel this fall, alone or with your loved ones.

stromstad-spa-resort-aerial-view-swimming-pool-lady-.jpgDid you know that almost all of our spa hotels offer day passes, so if you only have a few hours to yourself, you can jump into a warm and relaxing pool. Keep in mind, we recommend calling the hotel beforehand to check availability.

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… Head on a mushroom hunt in the wild

It’s mushroom season in the Nordics from September to October! During the light hours of the day, bring a basket, a mushroom book and a small knife and set out to the woods with your “mushroom radar” on. This is a great way to get close to nature and gain some tasty rewards!


… Drink loads and loads of coffee and tea!

While the autumn season may give you the chills, the Scandinavians remedy this with a cup of afternoon coffee or tea that warms you from the inside out! If you’re a true tea drinker you’ve probably prepared your own mix, but if not, most of our Clarion Collection® Hotel will offer an afternoon tea/coffee with your stay!


… Eat some tasty slow-cooked food

There is nothing like finishing the day of travels with some comfort food, namely slow-cooked food! Some favourites are Boeuf Bourguignon or Chili Con Carne. We know you won’t be traveling with a slow cooker, but most of our Clarion Hotel® will have their own restaurant concept – so feel right at home!

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… Catch the latest movie on the big screen

This is an easy one. What's better than to be all snuggled up in a comfy chair with popcorn and soda, ready to watch a great (hopefully) movie. Whether you’re traveling with your loved one or best friend, the movies will have everything from hard core action to romantic comedies to make for a cozy night out. (And don’t worry, the movies will most likely be in English and not dubbed over).


… Take your work home

This is why you have an autumn break in the first place, so come stress-free. Leave your to-do lists at home, forget about “that-thing-you-really-need-to-do” and enjoy the break with family and friends – that is truly the Scandinavian way!

pool selma city spa clarion hotel gillet uppsalaHere is a little secret on how to avoid stress and get your batteries charged, take a spa break.

… Forget the raingear

We know, we’ve all done it. Sometimes it just isn’t enough to get by with positive thinking. The summer is over and you probably shouldn’t have put on those shorts before leaving the house. Those white trousers and shoes should probably be avoided as well. Instead, make sure to pack an umbrella or a raincoat when you leave the house. You’ll probably need it.

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