"Wow, there it is. This year, I'll do it!" 

Charlie (10) gazes up at the Helix, one of the wildest roller coasters around. Racing at 100 km per hour, it whizzes past the family. "Do you dare to join me, dad?" Join us as we guide you through Gothenburg's coolest spot for the whole family. 

  • The family of four enters the Liseberg amusement park along with a sea of expectant Swedes, Norwegians, and other visitors.

  • This is, after all, the day the park opens for the season.

  • Outside, sunscreen has been applied, people have collected their pre-ordered tickets, and everyone cheers and whistles loudly as the gates open. There's no surer sign of spring in Gothenburg than when Liseberg's gates open.

  • "Look, look," cries Ingrid (5), pointing at the Liseberg rabbits.

  • Hugs are shared and photos are taken.

Where to stay when visiting Liseberg 

Charlie looks up at the Helix once more. He is excited, impatient, unsure.

But first, a plan must be laid out, for the park is vast, with new attractions, virtual queues, and many restaurants. It's impossible to cover everything, so it's a good idea to plan what you want to experience in advance.

Strawberry tagged along with Charlie and Ingrid and their parents Guro and Kalle to bring you this guide to a fun and memorable day at Liseberg.

Choose central and family-friendly accommodation

The family from Oslo has opted to stay at the Clarion Collection® Hotel Odin. Centrally located in Gothenburg, it offers family rooms with double beds, sofa beds, and a kitchen. It's part of Clarion Collection®, so breakfast, fika, and dinner are all included in the price. The Norwegian family gives the hotel bonus points for its on-site parking and delightful sunny rooftop terrace.

The children's favourite hotel in town, however, is the Clarion Hotel® Post, primarily because of its rooftop swimming pool and the wonderful desserts served at the hotel's Norda restaurant, which Charlie and Ingrid call "the best in the world". Maybe they'll check in there next time! But back to the thrills and excitement...

Download the app

Kalle has already downloaded the Liseberg app. It provides a digital map of the park, physical queue times for all the attractions, and even allows you to join 'virtual' queues. This means you can enter the number of people in your group and arrival time and be notified when your turn approaches for the desired ride. It's perfect for big families with impatient children keen to experience as much as possible.

"It's an ingenious and intuitive overview. A very well-functioning app," says Kalle.

  • Do something everyone will enjoy 

    There's a five-year age gap between siblings Charlie and Ingrid, so it's handy that Liseberg is divided into age-appropriate zones.

  • The family starts its visit in Rabbit Land and will later move on to more thrilling challenges for their eldest.

  • "Do you dare to try that one?" asks Charlie, pointing at Rabbit Land's scariest roller coaster, Rabalder.

  • "Yes, why not?" answers his five-year-old sister.

  • The family queues up and claims the first four carriages, a decision mum will soon come to regret, since this roller coaster plunges straight down from the start...

"Maaammmaaaa! Noooo," screams Ingrid

"No, no, no, no," she cries.

Unfortunately, there's little one can do but hold on tight. For two long circuits…

Her dad jumped out of the carriage, lifting up the 5-year-old – who's gasping from a mix of terror and delight. Mostly terror. But her tears dry quickly, and she turns to her big brother:

"I was super scared at first, then I screamed 'yippy' because it was so much fun, really. I wasn't scared," insists Ingrid, smiling.

Nevertheless, they proceed to try out the gentler rides like the Teacups and the Bus Stop playground over the next hour. Plus, they buy large portions of cotton candy. The children laugh when the sugar sticks to their hair and are impressed by how quickly the clumps melt on their tongues. The giant pink ball vanishes in minutes and the kids are left with sticky fingers and renewed energy.

Roller coaster at Liseberg in Gothenburg.

Remember to eat

Liseberg is brimming with restaurants, offering a wide variety of food. Choose from options such as Italian restaurant Al Parco, 1923 – where you can enjoy classic dishes like Caesar salad, steak tartare, and a mixed grill platter, it also has a separate kids' menu – and quicker options like Max Burger or the Sausage Hall.

Mum Guro picked the Tyrolen Biergarten, which at that moment was the best option for outdoor seating in the sunshine. The family's dinner that day consisted of sausages and chips, served by staff in lederhosen.

Check out the new attractions

According to Liseberg itself, the scariest attractions are Valkyria, Helix, Loke, Balder, and the classic Lisebergbanan rollercoaster.

Read the article here: Liseberg attractions you dare not try

These rides make you scream and laugh year after year, but you shouldn't miss the latest additions. In 2023, Luna is the newest sensation. This so-called boomerang roller coaster sends you forward and then backward, reaching a height of 33.5 metres above the ground and travelling at 68 km per hour. Where can you find it? Check the app, of course!

  • Challenge yourself (a little)

    "Dad slid down is his seat so his head hung down," says Charlie, running up after the ride ended:

  • "I was super scared at first, it went straight down. So, I screamed, but then it was just fun!"

  • She has just ridden the Lisebergbanan and is laughing while recounting the experience. But the plan was actually to finish with the Helix – the loop we saw at the entrance.

  • "We joined the queue, mum, but then I got really scared. I regretted it."

  • "That's okay," says his dad Kalle.

  • Charlie thinks for a moment and proudly replies: "Yeah, I know, I did ride the Lisebergbanan after all!"

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