The Swedish capital of Stockholm is home to the Nordics largest pride festival and this year over half a million visitors and locals will join in the celebrations of the regions most colourful annual event. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or a first-timer, here’s why you won’t want to miss the Stockholm Pride Festival on 31 July - 5 August 2023.

Stockholm Pride Parade
Stockholm Pride Parade

Pride really is a major highlight of the year and one of Strawberry’ favourite events! We are proud sponsors and can’t wait for Stockholm Pride!

1. The importance of acceptance and diversity

The Pride Festival itself stands for so many positive things aside from supporting the rights of the LGBTQ community. Its message defends human rights, condemns discrimination because of sexual orientation, it works against racism and much more. Strawberry shares these values and continuously works with sustainability including guidelines and programmes that have a specific focus on diversity, integration and fair working opportunities for all.


“Diversity helps increase the value of the business, and everyone who works for Strawberry commits themselves to respecting this diversity. We are proud that we stimulate all our employees regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or age, to share responsibility and to encourage professional and personal growth.”

2. The beauty of Stockholm

Stockholm, already known as the “Venice of the North” will transform into an even more beautiful city during the festival as it will literally burst with colour! Can you imagine something even more beautiful than this?

Regardless of what the weather will be like (cross your fingers) this is going to be a big city festival that will spread out across the city. And of course Stockholm is at its best during the summer months.

Have some extra time in the city? Be sure to visit local favourites like Vasamuséet or Skansen.


3. The Parade!

After all, The Nordics largest pride festival will of course bring The Nordics biggest Pride Parade! Around 50 000 will participate and it will simply be the biggest party of the year. If you think 50 000 people IN the parade are many, just imagine the crowd of 500 000 people who’ll watch the parade.

That’s a lot of people coming out to show their support and have a good time, if that’s not beautiful, we don’t know what is.

The Pride Parade always takes place on the Saturday during Pride week. By experience, show up early to get a good cheering and dancing spot! Many spectators make the parade an all-day event creating tiny Pride-camps with food, drinks and friends along the parade route. Sounds amazing? Bring a picnic basket and a couple of lounge chairs, come as you are or put on your bling – everyone is invited. For more information visit the Pride Parade.


4. Learning more

We live in a time of enlightenment. Whether you are a LGBT beginner or a pro, the Stockholm Pride Festival offers seminars, workshops and debates that will be both interesting and inspiring at Pride House. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your knowledge and horizon.

5. Having fun

For the ones seeking lighter and more entertaining input, Stockholm will throughout the whole celebration be filled with LGBT-themed exhibitions, movie screenings, plays, games and competitions. In addition to the official Pride events, bars and pubs around the city will be hosting their own fun and colorful events. Stay tuned on the Stockholm Pride Festival-page for updated festival programs.

Stockholm Pride - people & colorful balloons At the Pride Parade

6. Colors

Who doesn’t love colors? For one week, Stockholm turns in to the Swedish equivalent of a Brazilian carnival. Dig through your closet and find those super colorful clothes you never get to wear, put them on, wear them proudly and join the glitz and glam of the rainbow parade.

7. Pride after parties

After a long day of music, dancing and parading there is no reason to stop – we invite you to continue the celebration at our place. Bring a friend or ten and dance the night away.

8. And last but not least: Simply because love is worth celebrating

Love should be equal and as long as there’s still people who don’t believe that, we need to continue preaching the message of love and equality.

To paraphrase some great love ambassadors: All we need is love. And there can’t be too much of it. So let’s preach it, spread it and celebrate it.

Close up on gay couple holding hands.

OK! I am in. Where do I stay?

View all our hotels in Stockholm. Whether you want to stay right in the middle of all the action near the Pride Park and the Parade or in a quieter neighbourhood, we have a range of hotels to suit your needs. Everyone is welcome!