The competition was tough, but in the end it was the Stockholm restaurant TAK, with star chef Frida Ronge at the helm, that won the prize for “Best new restaurant of the year” from Wallpaper lifestyle magazine.

TAK och Unns kulinariska ledare – Frida Ronge

“Fantastic news,” wrote Frida Ronge on Instagram.

”Stockholm’s hottest new meeting point”

The finalists included Botanist restaurant in Vancouver, Tate in Hong Kong and Kaléo in Beirut, but it was TAK in Stockholm that won the prestigious prize for the reason given that: “A celebrated chef, an award-winning bartender, a Norwegian hotel owner and Sweden’s only Sake sommeliers are just a few of the ingredients that together create Stockholm’s hottest new meeting point – TAK.”

Swedish produce and Japanese flavours

It’s partly thanks to star chef Frida Ronge that TAK won this victory, thanks to her celebrated abilities in creating fantastic dishes from a blend of Swedish produce and Japanese flavours. Tempura-fried salsify with Kalix bleak roe is one of these amazing taste sensations. A satisfied Frida Ronge shared the news on Instagram:

Fantastic news!✨ @takstockholm won the Design awards 2018 – The Best New Restaurant in @wallpapermag. Thank you @inside_wingardhs for good collaboration 🤩 #wallpaper #wallpapermagazine #designawards2018 #takstockholm #winner #jointwinner #wingårdhs #insidewingardhs

A post shared by Frida Ronge (@fridaronge) on Jan 12, 2018 at 6:22pm PST

Inspirational décor

Even TAK’s interior contributed to the victory. The Swedish architectural firm Wingårdhs allowed the kitchen to be their main inspiration in the design of the restaurant. To emphasize the large floor-to-ceiling windows, they demolished many of the walls. Scandinavian furniture is combined with gilded screens to create rooms within the space.

TAK Restaurant is neighbour to the hotels At Six and Hobo on Brunkebergstorg (Brunkeberg square) in Stockholm.