This year's big travel trend: Self-care and healing holidays

Fancy pampering yourself, swimming under the stars or enjoying a drink with friends? Here are three unique spas in Stockholm.

  • "It's a striking contrast when you enter a small bubble of complete relaxation amidst bustling city life. The whole world is rushing around outside, while you find yourself in a cocoon of tranquillity," says Swedish travel expert Annika Myhre,

  • "and vibrant restaurants, cafés, activities, and cultural experiences await outside, available whenever you want them."

  • Spa + city break = a perfect match

    Annika lives just outside Stockholm and is a travel writer and host of the travel podcast Att resa-podden. She knows all the best tips, both domestically and abroad, and is an expert on what's trending now.

  • One increasingly important choice for travellers is so-called "healing holidays." Or simply self-care.

  • While many people used to travel mainly for fun, we now seek personal improvement – through healthy and sustainable food, access to gyms, and self-care.

  • And what could be better than having it all in one place — at a spa hotel in the heart of an incredibly cool city?

The simplest spa tips

"For many, everyday life is hectic, and there's no time or money for self-care. There's a heavy focus on family, work, education, and other activities that consume all hours of the day," says Annika.

"When holidays and free time approach, many are dreaming of having some time to themselves. I also think this need grew stronger during the pandemic."

The travel expert points out that spas and wellness don't necessarily have to be complicated:

"You don't need to book the most expensive and luxurious spa hotel to have a wonderful experience for your body and soul. My daughter and I have made it an annual tradition to check into one of Stockholm's hotels and bring haircare products and face masks with us. In the evening, we relax in our hotel beds, chat, eat sweets, and watch films in our dressing gowns. In the morning, we wake up to a delicious hotel breakfast. And after that, an entire city is at our doorstep, just waiting for us," says Annika.

  • The world's most beautiful capital 

    Annika admits that she is very biased when it comes to her own city. Stockholm remains the world's most beautiful capital, in her opinion:

  • "There's water everywhere, bridges, beautiful parks, church towers visible from Söders höjder, and the old town, Gamla Stan, is the cherry on top. I fell in love with the city as a child."

  • "I fell in love with the city as a child. Even though I've lived in the Stockholm area for over 20 years, I never tire of the city's views and everything it offers."

  • "Stockholm is a city for everyone."

Three spas you'll love, according to Strawberry:

1. Selma City Spa

Almost nothing beats an evening visit to Selma City Spa's rooftop terrace, with twinkling lights and a view over the capital. In addition to the outdoor pool, you can book various spa treatments, such as massages, facials, float therapy, and manicures.

The spa is unique in several ways - in the morning, it's possible to bring your child for treatment or to the pool. As the day progresses, the place transforms into a pool club where you can hang out with friends for lunch or meet colleagues for a drink after work. Or perhaps you want to arrange a romantic date?

Here, you'll find a mix of tranquillity, cool events with music, and a feeling of being part of something
magical, far from home.

Selma City Spa is connected to the Clarion Hotel® Sign.

2. Yasuragi

Just over 20 minutes from central Stockholm lies an oasis of a spa: Yasuragi. In Japanese, the word means inner peace and harmony, and that's precisely what you'll get here. If you want to escape the sounds of city life entirely, this is the hotel to visit.

Upon arrival, you'll receive a yukata, a type of bathrobe. You then check into a Japanese-inspired room, where your stress is guaranteed to gradually melt away. You're then ready to begin your Japanese purification. The spa features hot springs, steam and dry saunas, and lounges where you can rest. 
After the spa experience, you can stroll through the garden, which stretches all the way down to the water, and you can also sign up for a yoga session. The hotel has several restaurants inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Visit with your partner, alone, or with friends.

3. Elements Spa

This spa is centrally located in Södermalm. This is the place to head to if you want to experience both city life and be well-rested. You'll feel as if you're in the heart of nature, even though you're just a stone's throw from shopping and bars.

Elements Spa is a modern spa with a wide range of body and facial treatments. The best part is that there are both indoor and outdoor pools. If you love yoga, this is the ultimate destination for a long weekend. At Elements Spa, you can book private yoga sessions, lunchtime yoga, or evening yoga.

Check into Elements Spa via the Clarion Hotel® Stockholm.

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Pool at rooftop of Clarion Hotel Sign, Selma City Spa.Girls in a tent at the rooftop of Clarion Hotel Sign, Selma City Spa.Girls cheers in the rooftop pool at Selma City Spa at Clarion Hotel Sign.

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