Shopping Guide in Helsinki: Where to Find the Best Vintage Shops

Second hand is the new luxury for the fashion-conscious. There are endless vintage opportunities in the Finnish capital, which is renowned for its excellent design. Here's a list of the top six places.

  • "Genuine vintage is really cool, and I appreciate an uncluttered and stylish aesthetic. It's clear that they've paid attention to how the premises look," says Tord.

  • He's on a weekend trip to Helsinki along with a group of friends and is taking advantage of the Finnish capital's vast selection of vintage shops.

  • Tord and the rest of the gang have stopped by the unisex shop FTA™ Vintage on Fredrikinkatu 43 in the city centre.

  • "This shop has many interesting variants. They are obviously good at curating," his friend Jørgen adds.

  • Helsinki is widely known for brands such as Marimekko and Ittala, and we nod in recognition whenever anyone name-drops designer Kaj Franck and architect Alvar Aalto. Good modern design is something many people strongly associate with Finland.

  • And of course, it's a must to shop when you're in the Finnish capital. Helsinki is particularly good for second hand, and there's nothing more trendy and sustainable than buying used.

  • Here, you can find a real bargain on major brand luxury items. Our top tip is to start your shopping day in the well-known Kallio neighbourhood and then continue in the city centre.

Here are the top 6 vintage shops in Helsinki

1. Flea Second Hand

Address: Iso Roobertinkatu 11

An up-to-date vintage shop where you can sell your own clothes on consignment. Consequently, there is a frequent turnover in its selection, and the shop also focuses on selling items that follow current fashion trends. It's a trendy second-hand shop that caters mostly to women, where you can also find accessories like handbags.

2. Hoochie Mama Jane

Address: Agricolankatu 11

The name itself is pretty cool, and this is the place to shop if you're going to a party. Browse colourful party clothes, cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and ball gowns. The shop is located in Kallio – a district known for its small neighbourhood shops, cafés, culture, and a generally laid-back and trendy atmosphere.

  • 3. Relove Freda

    Address: Fredrikinkatu 25

  • A second hand shop in the city centre offering everything from track suits and shoes to capes and blazers, for both men and women.

  • You can find items and brands from & Other Stories, The North Face, Patagonia and Chloé, among others.

  • This is the place to go if you care about famous brands. Relove Freda is also known for its delicious and satisfying breakfast.

4. Ansa Second Hand

Address: Agricolankatu 5

Here, you can browse everything from classic 1950s items up to high-waisted jeans and the big shoulder pad shirts of the 80s. This place has a real vintage feel, and you can find absolutely everything. And by that, we mean everything from embroidered white blouses that could have been sewn in Cuba, to the jean jacket your mum rocked while listening to Livin’ on a Prayer.

5. Artek 2nd Cycle

Address: Pieni Roobertinkatu 4

This second hand shop focuses on furniture, reuse, and redesign. Artek 2nd Cycle sells Finnish design furniture, lighting, rugs, ceramics, tableware, and art from the early 1900s to the present day. Here, you can truly make a wonderful find.

  • 6. FTA™ Vintage

    Address: Fredrikinkatu 43

  • In Fredrikinkatu, both women and men can nab vintage bargains at FTA™ Vintage.

  • The clothes sold here are sourced from all over the world, and you can find everything from jackets to jeans and T-shirts. The store also has a website where you can browse through much of its selection.

  • The clothes have also been rated from one to five based on their condition, with five being the best.

Finnish Design in Helsinki

If you've made the best vintage finds (and have a bit of money left over), you should hunt for some genuine Finnish design. In which case, you should head to Fredrikinkatu (Fredriksgatan).

"In this street, you'll find many of Helsinki's design shops. Some of the ones you should visit are Vimma, House of Wilow, and Liike. While you're strolling here, it's a good tip to go liquorice tasting at the sweet shop Roobertin Herkku or grab a coffee at Andante Café," Heidi Jonsson from My Helsinki tells Strawberry.

She points out that Kämp Garden, which is on the second floor of the shopping centre Kämp Galleria and next to Hotel Kämp, is also a must.

"One of my favourite designers is Klaus Haapaniemi, who also has a shop at Kämp Garden. You will also find Marita Huurinainen and Nomen Nescio there," Heidi reveals.

A final tip from our local expert is the glass palace Lasipalatsi, where the Finnish sports brand Karhu is located.

"This is our local designer, who was actually the first behind the original and classic three stripes. Next to Karhu, you will find the Finnish streetwear brand Makia, and last but not least, The Moomin Shop," Heidi adds.

Just like you absolutely must visit a sauna when in Helsinki, you must also return home with some Moomin items in your luggage!

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