You might be wondering where you can go sunbathing on warm rocks along the coast, or where you can best experience Norway's breathtaking nature? This overview will make planning your holiday that little bit easier - and even tell you where our hotels are.

Kayak floating on a fjord between high green mountains

Scenic Northern Norway

Will this year be the time you enjoy long, romantic summer nights? Head north, where the sun never sets. Head to Tromsø and go kayaking at one o'clock in the morning under the magical light of the midnight sun. Visit one of hundreds of islands with long, crystal white beaches and stunning mountain backdrops.

Norway's best known archipelago

Lofoten - Northern Norway's archipelago of islands - is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. If you haven't experienced it yet, then it's about time you did. And if you're looking for an active holiday, Lofoten offers spectacular surfing. White sandy beaches and surfing waves and, yes, refreshing water temperatures. As well as mountain climbing, fishing and kayaking, there's also snorkelling here.

Rorbuer i LofotenThe classic Rorbuer - fishermen cabins - in Lofoten.

Harstad is located just 35 minutes from the first island you get to in Lofoten and is a perfect base for your stay. After ticking off the midnight sun and Lofoten on your bucket list, you might decide to head south towards Bodø, Trondheim and eventually Vestlandet - Western Norway.

Unspoilt Western Norway

If you're after unforgettable experiences in nature this summer, Western Norway won't disappoint. Here you'll find waterfalls and steep mountains plunging straight down into dramatic waters. Valleys, islands, rivers and all the spectacular wilderness Norway's famous for.

Talking about spectacular Norwegian wilderness, we recommend you visit Preikestolen - Pulpit Rock. Stay overnight at a hotel in Stavanger or Sandnes and take an excursion to Lysefjorden.

PreikestolenThe air might not be as thin as on top of Mount Everest, but the views from Pulpit Rock will still take your breath away.

Tourist attractions are popular for a reason

People travel for miles to experience Western Norway's beautiful capital - Bergen. And with good reason! Take the Fløibanen funicular up the hill for incredible views of the city. Then, head back down and find a spot at one of the outdoor cafés at Bryggen, if you're lucky enough to visit Bergen on a day when the sun's out. Because, yes, it rains a lot in Bergen. Whether you walk around in sandals or rain boots, the city's well worth a visit .

If you're planning to drive along Norway's west coast this summer, then you can't miss this stretch. Be sure to put the Atlantic Road into your GPS - also known as the world's most beautiful drive. Get a taste of what it's like to drive across the open sea over islands and reefs. You'll find accommodation in Ålesund on one side and Kristiansund on the other.

atlanterhavsveienImpressive views of the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Alexander Sinn

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Summery Southern Norway

Nothing beats a classic summer holiday in Southern Norway Think golden, suntanned bodies after a day of swimming and having fun in the salty spray. Try crab fishing, take a break for ice cream in the sun or enjoy a game of beach volleyball. Let the wind whip through your hair on a boat trip through the charming archipelago. Have fresh seafood for dinner at the jetty and get some rest in a comfortable hotel after a long but happy day full of activities.

If you want to get your body moving on your holiday, there's an abundance of beautiful coastal hiking trails in Southern Norway. Some give you easy access to a cooling dip in a lake or fjord, while others take you up into the mountains. Also, you're never too far away from a place where you can rent a kayak and keep those muscles toned.


Summer holiday with the kids

Visit Kristiansand – the children's city – and Kristiansand Zoo, where you can say hello to animals from all over the world. After visiting the animal kingdom, head to Kristiansand city and walk along the promenade, go for a swim at the city beach - there's even palm trees! - and buy fresh seafood at Fiskebrygga - the fish market.

Fiskebrygga i KristiansandHow about some prawns at the fish market in Kristiansand?

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Lots to do in Eastern Norway

Walk in summer sandals on warm asphalt. Enjoy shopping, culture, history and the proximity to both beach and forest. Go for a road trip and visit the many villages, towns and cities in Eastern Norway!

Explore Lillehammer's pedestrianised street with its charming little wooden houses. And if you've got children in the back seat, make the easy drive to Hunderfossen Amusement Park. For your catch of the day, head to Mjøsa, or more precisely Gjøvik or Hamar. No fishing licence is required. Then, all roads lead to the capital.

A perfect summer's day in Oslo

Spend a few nights in Oslo, the city that has it all. Green parklands, exciting restaurants, a rich cultural life, shopping both in the east and west of the city, and lots of great swimming spots. Do some sightseeing, indulge in a delicious lunch at an outdoor restaurant, and head over to Sørenga - the old container dock - for a dip in the water and views of the Opera House. Have a late dinner in town and end the evening with dessert at a secluded little place.

Solnedgang over OsloThe sun low in the sky over Oslo.

Continue on to Drammen, with its sparkling river, green hillsides and riverside restaurants. Visit Kongsberg with its many swimming spots.

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To get an overview of all the many cities, towns and other charming places to visit in Norway, take a good look at this map. Have a great summer holiday!