Tempted by a break with bathrobes and a heated roof pool? You don’t need to travel far to find a hotel with a pool. Discover 10 tempting hotel pools in Sweden and Norway – and dive right in!

Pool at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm
Pool at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm

A hotel pool can make your stay extra special. We all know that kids love to splash around, but the joy of a dip in warm, turquoise water isn’t just for little ones! Perhaps you’d like a swim before lunch? Or how about an evening dip before bedtime? Spending your day in the water or by the water’s edge is both relaxing and energising, and gives you that holiday feel.

Pack your swimsuits and book your next hotel stay!


Clarion Hotel® Sign in Stockholm

Rooftop pool at Clarion Hotel Sign

On the 8th floor of the Clarion Hotel Sign you will find the Selma City Spa, where you can indulge in saunas and spa treatments. This is also where you’ll find the hotel’s sun terrace and outdoor pool, with views across Kungsholmen. The water is heated all year round, so you can enjoy the water both in winter and summer.

Clarion Hotel® Stockholm in Stockholm

Outdoor pool at Clarion Hotel Stockholm

In the heart of the city, at Södermalm, lies the Clarion Hotel Stockholm. At the hotel’s Elements Spa you can enjoy a dry sauna, steam room, and an indoor and outdoor pool! Take a dip in the pool outside and enjoy the incredible views over Årstaviken.

Avalon in Gothenburg

Rooftop pool at Avalon in Gothenburg

Have you ever stood outside Avalon and looked up? Part of Avalon’s pool hangs over the hotel’s facade, which makes swimming extra fun. Look down at the people and the city life below as you swim high above Gothenburg. Note that the pool is open from May to September!

Clarion Hotel® Post in Gothenburg


With restaurants, bars and a spa, and with Gothenburg right outside your door, it’s hard to get bored at the Clarion Hotel Post. Especially if you take the lift to the roof pool and terrace on the 13th floor. With a 360-degree panoramic view over the city and 30-degree water all year round, it’s easy to wile away the hours in the outdoor pool!

Clarion Hotel® Arlanda Airport at Arlanda Airport

Rooftop pool at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport

In the heart of SkyCity at Stockholm’s airport, lies Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport. Here you can both train and take a sauna – and also enjoy a swim. The hotel has a wonderful 9-metre long outdoor pool with a sun terrace.

Stenungsbaden Yatch Club in Stenungsund

Indoor pool at Stenungsbaden Yatch Club in Stenungsund

By Hakefjorden, 40 minutes from Gothenburg, lies the idyllic Stenungsbaden Yatch Club in the skerries. Here you can sail and play volleyball or just relax and take a dip in the water. The hotel’s Bluewater Sports & Health Club has a jacuzzi, an outdoor heated spring water source and an indoor pool.


Farris Bad in Larvik

Couple in the pool in Farris Bad, Larvik

Based partly on land and partly over the Larviks fjord, lies Farris Bad, the biggest spa hotel in the Nordics. In this spa you can choose from a range of saunas, hot and cold plunge pools and a spring water cave. Swim in the fjord under the spa or in the large pool with effervescent, massaging nozzles. Farris Bad is approx. 1.5 hours from Oslo.

Quality Hotel™ Grand Kongsberg in Kongsberg

Pool at GruveSpa, Quality Hotel Grand Kongsberg

You can also find wonderful pools beyond the hotels and spas in the capital cities. If you’ve never stayed at the Quality Hotel Grand, Kongsberg it’s worth a visit! In the hotel’s GruveSpa you can enjoy a sauna and jazuzzi, and swim in the pool.

Quality Hotel™ Strand at Gjøvik

Pool in Otium spa at Quality Hotel Strand in Gjøvik

By Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake, lies Gjøvik and Quality Hotel Strand. Recharge your batteries at the Otium Spa, with a spa bath, Turkish hamam and plunge pool. And of course – a wonderful blue swimming pool.

Quality Hotel™ Skjærgården in Langesund

Outdoor pool at Quality Hotel Skjærgården in Langesund

With the sea right outside and a real water mecca inside, you need go no further than to the Quality Hotel Skjærgården on holiday. The hotel’s water park is enormous, with waterfalls, palm trees and a water slide. The water in the large pools is kept at 31 degrees all year round, including in the outdoor pool with its views across the sea.

Pack your swimsuits and book your next hotel stay!