Here are our tips on everything from sights such as the Old Town to the ABBA Museum, cafés, popular restaurants and nightclubs. Don't miss out on these favourites when visiting Sweden's beautiful capital, Stockholm.

Stockholm by night

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Are you visiting Stockholm and need some tips on things to do and see? Then you have come to the right place.

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So it will be your first time in beautiful Stockholm and not sure what you should conquer first? You’ve come to the right place. We have collected the top spots that are absolutely not to be missed out in the capital of Sweden. With the nickname “Venice of the North”, you can already imagine that it will be a breathtakingly beautiful city by the seaside. Here is our ready-to-travel guide with everything that you must see from museums, popular streets and restaurants in Stockholm.

Museums in Stockholm

Stockholm has a large selection of museums. There are open-air museums as well as museums of photography, art, and history from all parts of the globe. Below you can read more about our favourites, perfect for both old and young.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History

Stockholm’s rich history means that there will be a museum to satisfy every taste. The Swedish Museum of Natural History is the city’s largest museum and dates back to a founding date of 1819. Today, it is government-owned and features exhibitions on the development of humans, animals and earth. If this isn’t already a spectacle on its own, the museum also has a project dome, showing the world’s largest film format alongside the largest planetarium in Sweden.

Both the museum and Cosmonova are popular with families with children and a perfect opportunity for the children to learn more about our planet. All exhibitions are free at the museum.
You can read more about prices and opening hours for Cosmonova on their website.

You can also read more about the different exhibitions here.

During holidays and some weekends, families with children can also visit the museum's workshop, where children have the opportunity to be creative with clay, sequins and watercolours, among other things. Contact the museum for more information.

Find us: Frescativägen 40, metro to the University

Mikael Axelsson via naturhistoriskaPhoto: Mikael Axelsson

The Vasa Museum

If you’re up for a piece of war history you should also head to The Vasa Museum and learn about the story of the ship that was built to be a warship (one of its kind for the time period); but that was a huge fiasco when it sunk just 1300 metres into its maiden journey! The ship was successfully salvaged and is now resting underneath the roof of the museum for you to admire.

Find us: Galärvarvsvägen 14, tram to Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet

Vasa akterspegelPhoto: Karolina Kristensson, the Swedish National Maritime Museums

ABBA The Museum

Or, if you’re more of a Dancing Queen you might just want to find yourself at the famous ABBA museum. Spend a couple of hours getting to know this Swedish musical wonder that took the world by storm in the 1970’s after winning the Eurovision song contest.

It might be good to know that they don’t allow prams in the museum. But there are baby carriers and locks for your pram that you can borrow.

Find us: Djurgårdsvägen 68, tram to Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund

RingringPhoto: Åke E:son Lindman/ABBA The Museum

Modern Museum

For the artsy one, we have some nice options in Stockholm waiting for you. If you’re into modern art you absolutely need to go to the Modern Museum. The museum has one of the finest collections of modern art in Europe with some 5,000 paintings, sculptures, installations and more. Don't miss the famous goat and the "Monogram" sculpture by Robert Rauschenberg.

Many of the exhibitions are free, read more about prices and opening hours here.

Find us: Exercisplan 4, bus 65 to Arkitektur-/Moderna Museet or walk from Kungsträdgården.

Höstexteriör, Moderna MuseetPhoto: Moderna Museet


If you like photography you have to visit Fotografiska. We’ve mentioned it before in the The Girls Weekend, but we simply can’t leave it out of this list. It’s widely popular and it’s not very hard to understand why when you see the names of the exhibitors. The names among our favourite past exhibitors are Annie Liebovitz, Jill Greenberg and David La Chapelle. Now do you get the picture?

Find us: Stadsgårdshamnen 22, metro to Slussen


Stockholm has another classic destination that you don’t want to miss. Skansen is probably another one of the most visited places in Stockholm. It is an open-air museum where you can see wild animals typical to the Scandinavian region. There’s also an aquarium with more exotic animals such as monkeys, crocodiles and spiders.
The popular Solliden restaurant is a favourite – during the summer season there are sing-alongs at Skansen right outside.

For the children there is a lot to do and discover at Skansen. In addition to spotting all the animals there are also pony rides, theatre, games from the past, and Lill-Skansen. At Lill-Skansen the children can both pet and feed the animals.

It is time for your child to stop using a dummy? Then you can leave it at Lill-Skansen for the cats to play with. Read more about the children's activities at Skansen here.

Find us: Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, tram to Skansen


As you can see there are quite a lot of museums in Stockholm. We also think these are worth a visit:

Stockholm’s restaurants

If you enjoy good food then you’ll love eating in Stockholm. Regardless of whether you are looking for gourmet, Japanese, meze, Ethiopian, or Swedish home cooking there are restaurants in Stockholm that will suit your tastes.

Restaurant Ekstedt

You’ll need to eat in Stockholm and we have a couple of good ideas where you should go. If you like a finely tuned, made with local produce sort of dinner we’d recommend you try restaurant Ekstedt. The owner is Niklas Ekstedt, a well-known Swedish chef.

Find us: Humlegårdsgatan 17, metro to Östermalmstorg

fisk heroPhoto: Restaurant Ekstedt

Restaurant Volt

A combination of local produce with a way of cooking that is honest and pure, let us introduce Volt. Their kitchen is located purposely close to nature so that their products are derived from forests, seas and cropland. The food served here will be in harmony with the turns of the seasons and be nothing less than perfect.

Find us: Kommendörsgatan 16, metro to Östermalmstorg

Blue Light Yokohama

For the one with a craving for Japanese, we have a great option in Blue Light Yokohama. The food is always fresh and well prepared. If you head there on a Sunday, be sure to try their ‘Real Deal’ ramen specialty not available any other day of the week. Enjoy your meal at the restaurant or bring it with you, the taste is always great.

Find us: Åsögatan 170, metro to Medborgarplatsen

nigidx 130423Photo: Restaurant Blue Light Yokohama


Lalibela at Fridhemsplan offers a taste experience from Ethiopia. The food is carefully cooked with specially selected ingredients. You can find vegetarian stews, steak tartare dipped in seasoned butter, and injera – an Ethiopian flatbread. And to round it all off, finish your lunch or dinner with Ethiopian coffee.

Find us: Drottningholmsvägen 46, metro to Fridhemsplan

More tips
Babel Bazaar i Hornstull is a favourite lunch place – here you get really high quality meze for a very reasonable price. Also read our other articles filled with restaurant tips in Stockholm:

Sights and famous places in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city that is very rich in history, culture, and activities that you really mustn’t miss. Besides the obvious things like the Old Town, the Royal Palace, Djurgården, Gröna Lund, we have also squeezed in some places that the Stockholmers love.

Gamla Stan and The Royal Palace of Sweden

If you’d like to experience a part of Stockholm that’s entirely unique, take a walk in Gamla Stan (Old Town).This part of Stockholm dates back to the 13th century and is home to Europe’s largest castle, The Royal Palace of Sweden. The streets in this area are narrow and cobblestoned, you can just feel the history in these blocks. The old town is a big tourist attraction, so we would recommend an early visit to avoid getting photo-bombed. Leaving Stockholm without a visit here would be a royal shame!

stockholm-old-town-michelle-john-unsplash The alleys of Old Town in Stockholm. Photo: Michelle John, Unsplash

Guard outside the Royal castle in Stockholm


Djurgården is Stockholm's green oasis and is just a stone's throw from central Stockholm. It has also been royal land since the 15th century. Here you will find Gröna Lund, Skansen, fantastic architecture, restaurants and cafés but also green fields and beautiful nature. Perfect for a walk or picnic overlooking the Skeppsholmen.

Find us: The Djurgård ferry from the Old Town/Slussen, tram or bus to Djurgårdsbron

Gröna Lund

The Gröna Lund amusement park is filled with attractions for both young and old, brave people and scaredy-cats. Grönan, as it is called, lies high on the list of things to do in Stockholm. There are activities such as Pentathlon-games, lotteries, shows, children's entertainment and concerts. The favourites Insane, Fritt Fall (the Giant Drop), Lustiga Huset (the fun house), Kärlekstunneln (The tunnel of love), and Twister are just 5 out of 30 reasons why you must visit Gröna Lund when you are in Stockholm.

Gröna Lund is also open most of the year – ride the rollercoasters or come during Halloween when Gröna Lund is at its spookiest!

Find us: The Djurgård ferry from the Old Town/Slussen, tram or bus to Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund

Berg- och dalbanan Jetline på Gröna Lund. Photo: Karin Lundin
Gröna Lund is a perfect all-day activity when the sun is shining. Photo: Karin Lundin

Stockholm’s archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is an attraction that you must not miss. A real idyll with beautiful scenery, swimming, boats, cosy restaurants and places to have a bite to eat. This is where the Stockholmers go to relax and enjoy nature. Here you will find a calm that is not found in the big city. __ Our advice to you__ - Gather your friends and family and rent a cottage together. We promise you that here you will not have a dull moment.
About 85% of the archipelago is privately owned and about 15% is owned or managed by the Archipelago Foundation, so that we can all enjoy these fantastic places.


Smultronstället Skinnarviksberget is a short walk from the Zinkensdamm metro station in Södermalm. This is where the Stockholmers go to enjoy the fantastic view of Stockholm, hang out with friends and enjoy a glass of wine. Here there are no cafés, bars or restaurants, so we recommend that you bring your own food and drink and a blanket to sit on.

Find us: metro to Zinkensdamm

Skinnarviksberget - utsikt över Stockholm. Foto: Mikaela SjögrenSmultronstället (lit. the wild strawberry spot) Skinnarviksberget offers the city's best views. Photo: Mikaela Sjögren

More sights and famous places in Stockholm:

Culture in Stockholm

Stockholm is a cultural city with shows, musicals, theatre concerts and much more. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

The Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre

At the Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre there is theatre, musicals, dance shows, art, music, and films from all over the world. Prices vary depending on the show you are going to see. But you will find something here to suit everyone’s taste and you are guaranteed an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, for both adults and children.

The city theatre is part of the City of Stockholm and therefore the shows are on at several places in the Stockholm area, so be sure to take an extra look at your ticket to make sure you don’t end up at the wrong venue. A part of the City Theatre is the Park Theater (Parkteatern). As the name implies, the theatre is outdoors in a park and is always free.

Find us: Metro to the central station, Skärholmen, Vällingby and other places outside of the old tollhouses.

Dansshow på Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm. Foto: Håkan Larsson
Dance show at the Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre. Photo: Håkan Larsson

Grönan Live

During the summer months, Grönan Live takes place on the big stage. Around 70 foreign and Swedish artists visit Gröna Lund to give a fantastic concert under the open sky.

Bob Marley has the audience record from 1980 when a total of 32,000 (!) people came to listen to his concert. Unfortunately we won’t be having any more concerts with Bob Marley but the concerts at Gröna Lund are still just as popular. Today, however, there is a limit of 17,000 people, so be sure to arrive on time. Also, take advantage of riding a few rollercoasters while you are there.

Find us: The Djurgård ferry from the Old Town/Slussen, tram or bus to Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund

Timbuktu & Damn på Grönan Live. Foto: Stefan Isaksson
Timbuktu & Damn! på Grönan Live, summer 2018. Photo: Stefan Isaksson

The Royal Dramatic Theatre, aka dramaten

Dramaten was founded in 1788 and is Sweden's national scene for drama. Great names such as Ingmar Bergman, Pernilla August, Gösta Ekman, Inga Tidblad are just a few of the starts who have left their mark on Dramaten. In addition to the fantastic things happening on stage, the gold and marble architecture is a sight to behold.

Find us: Nybrogatan 2, tram to Nybroplan


Are you searching for musicals, song and just general fun? Then the Chinateatern is the place you are looking for. Musical sets of old films and concerts are what is offered here.

Find us: Berzelii Park 9, tram to Norrmalmstorg

Other culture spots that you should check out:

Stockholm’s nightlife

Do you want to go out dancing on your visit to Stockholm? Here is a list of some of the hottest clubs in Stockholm.

Trädgården/Under Bron

Trädgården during the summer, Under Bron the rest of the year. You will find the club under Skanstullsbron on Södermalm's side. Trädgården / Under Bron is a club that has taken inspiration from the German capital of Berlin as well as Brooklyn in New York City. Here they have invested in really good beer and drinks, an exciting atmosphere and music that reflect this. They also have concerts with artists and bands from all over the world. This is the place for anyone looking for something special.

Find us: Hammarby Slussväg 2, metro to Skanstull

Nattklubben Trädgården, Stockholm. Foto: Visit Stockholm
Trädgården is a popular club amongst both Stockholmers and tourists. Photo: Visit Stockholm


To really enjoy yourself in the rich Stockholm nightlife scene we’d choose Debaser as a great place to start. With two locations in Stockholm, Debaser always offers the best in concerts and nightclubs.

Find us: Hornstulls Strand 4, metro to Hornstull

Café Opera

A true classic among Stockholm nightclubs is Café Opera. It’s been around in its current state since the 80’s and is still a popular pick for the Stockholm-ers. The venue is something else and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy yourself in this setting. Take a look at the nice promotion video at their site to get the feeling.

140227-gallery-5g_medium (1)Photo: Café Opera


Note! If you haven’t noticed already, the Swedes love their fika. Normally having a fika means that you have coffee and sometimes something sweet to go with it. But coffee alone also qualifies as a fika. The concept of a fika is relatively easy to understand once you get the hang of it. The amount of “fikor” you’ll have each day varies from person to person, but we think it’s fair to suggest that Swedes will enjoy at least one fika per day. Basically you need to visit some good cafés to get your fika and luckily, we have just the top list for that here!

Intrigued by Stockholm yet? A mix of culture, history, great food and the all-important fikas, take this list and tour the city like a local. Now you just need a hotel where you can stay, before you book your trip to the capital of Sweden.

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