We know hotel stays are often expensive, especially during peak season. But if you purchase one of our three summer passes for 2024, you won't be blowing your entire holiday budget on accommodation. Instead you can spend the money you've saved on a fantastic city break or an awesome road trip. We have plenty of top tips for exploring amazing Swedish and Norwegian cities this summer – including places you have never heard of!

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With a summer pass that includes seven hotel stays, all you need to do is plan your days and explore behind the wheel!

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A summer holiday + a comfortable hotel bed = dream come true. “Let's go on a five-day fishing trip to Bodø!” “Great, will you book the hotel?” “Um, ok..” you say, with some trepidation, imagining your entire holiday budget vanishing on something as mundane as...sleeping.

It's always fun to spend the night in a tent - or in the open air if you're a nature lover, but there's no denying that a comfortable hotel bed with a delicious breakfast the following day is very tempting after a busy day - whether you've been sea fishing in Bodø or you urgently need to put your feet after an incredible summer festival...

Festival_16_9Summer = festival time, and most people prefer to fall asleep in a comfortable hotel bed rather than a clammy tent on rough ground.

From 790 kr per night for a summer pass! Say what?!

...then you'll be delighted to hear that we have 3 different summer passes for you to choose from, depending on what kind of holiday you're seeking! You can choose a pass with 5 nights for 4950 kr (990 kr/night) or 10 nights for 8900 kr (890 kr/night). And yes, we did say 3 passes - this year we've decided to add a solo pass so that all those of you travelling alone needn't pay for 2 people! The price? 3950 kr for 5 nights (which is only 790 kr per night!).

The passes can either be used to book consecutive nights as you make your way through the Nordics on an epic road trip or you can spread your nights out "here and there" throughout the summer. Perhaps you'll spend a couple of days at the Tahiti Festival in Kristiansund in June, a few days at your mother-in-law's in Harstad in July and a romantic evening at Norrland's Opera in Umeå in August?

People having a dip in the sea_16_9No matter where you go this summer, you should always treat yourself to a swim. You'll never regret jumping off that jetty.

You can use the summer pass however you like! We have plenty of suggestions for fun activities in three Norwegian and three Swedish cities - which also gives you the the option to enjoy a fantastic road trip!

KRISTIANSUND – an underrated city

Kristiansund, which is spread over four islands on the west coast of Norway, is a hidden gem. Prepare to be greeted by row after row of "cheerful" houses painted in vibrant colours, and explore this lovely town with plenty to do, all the more surprising as it was badly damaged in the Second World War.

To really see the city properly, we recommend you hop on the Sundbåten, a boat originally launched by the world's oldest public transport company which now offers superb guided tours. Or how about island hopping with a city walk along the way?

If it's your first visit to Kristiansund, it is almost a must to drive the coastal Atlantic Ocean Road - an 8,274 metre long road that is referred to as the world's most beautiful road trip, and you'll soon see why. You'll feel like you're driving right into the middle of the ocean! It's also a fantastic experience if you're interested in architecture and feats of modern engineering with eight bridges to discover. We suggest you start in Bud and finish in Kristiansund to enjoy the coast, history and culture to the full.

Atlanterhavsveien_16_9The Atlantic Ocean Road is referred to as the world's most beautiful road trip and is a must if you are considering going to Kristiansund.

End your day (or evening) with a fabulous meal and a glass of your favourite tipple at The Social Bar & Bistro at Quality Hotel™ Grand Kristiansund, before you take the lift up to one of the hotel rooms for a great night's sleep. When you're ready you can travel on to Bodø…

BODØ – soon to be the European capital of culture

Bodø, a little further north of Kristiansund, will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024, so there will be plenty to see and do when you arrive! There are several excellent museums, including the Saltstraumen Museum, the Jekt Trade Museum and the Norwegian Aviation Museum- where you can try a flight simulator, and you will also find lots of great street art in the centre of Bodø - worth the ticket alone. These superb public art works originated from the UpNorth street art festival in 2016. You'll also find several smaller graffiti installations around the city, making a walk around the centre an enjoyable, artistic experience.

At Hamarøy you can visit the award-winning Hamsun Centre (we are talking about author and Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun) or you can shake things up at the Opptur Festival on the 26th and 27th July 2024 with electronic music, before spending the night at Quality Hotel™ Ramsalt or Comfort Hotel® Bodø - both located in the heart of the city.

Deluxe double room Quality Hotel Ramsalt_16_9How about a night at the Quality Hotel™ Ramsalt in Bodø after going to a festival or a long day of fishing?

View from Quality Hotel Ramsalt in Bodø_16_9The view from the Quality Hotel™ Ramsalt isn't exactly an eyesore.

Are you interested in seeing an unusual attraction? We mean a toilet! Yep, at Ureddplassen, which is a rest area and a war monument and which is located on Kystrik street, you'll find what has been dubbed by international media the "world's most beautiful public toilet". Have a look around before heading on to, for example, Harstad...

HARSTAD – for rich experiences in nature

With its idyllic location between the fjords and the mountains, Harstad offers a wealth of memorable and beautiful experiences to carry away with you (in your head, your heart and your body...). In Harstad, you and your friends can enjoy active days on mountain hikes, bike tours or walks, or you can take the family on a boat trip around the archipelago or for a wonderful canoe trip under the midnight sun with rented kayaks.

On the many islands in the archipelago, there are more than 100 white sandy beaches where you can tuck into a delicious packed lunch and a dip after a long kayak trip with tired and hungry children - or after a successful fishing trip with a local guide. Savour the magical atmosphere as the midnight sun casts its luminous rays over the water. We also recommend for children (and adults too!) a visit to Karlsfjord City – the mini city. It's a miniature city mostly made from recycled materials. Considering that it's not possible to spend the night in this tiny town, we recommend a night (or two!) at the Quality Hotel™ Harstad or Clarion Collection® Hotel Arcticus – both centrally based hotels.

Randering Quality Hotel Harstad_16_9Quality Hotel™ Harstad...in all its glory.

SUNDSVALL – Sweden's most beautiful town

Sundsvall has been voted Sweden's most beautiful town with a wealth of charming brick houses, eye-catching architecture, sparkling seas and the high, curved Sundsvall Bridge. If you want to post inspiring pictures on Instagram, this is the place to be! Sundsvall is a fantastic destination, offering a wide range of things to do, from active days to relaxing with friends or family.

Explore the lovely Södra Mountain – a fantastic natural area with Instagram-friendly vantage points, and make sure you don't miss the varied Open Air Museum Norra Berget, where you will find everything from a nature reserve, playground, historical buildings, animals and fun events – along with inspiring views! To enjoy spectacular views over the town and beyond, take a short climb up the “ice lolly” – a 54-metre-high observation tower overlooking the valley (did we say this was an Instagram-friendly town?!)

The Kulturmagasinet also deserves a mention - this is one of Sundsvall's most popular attractions. It's an impressive cultural centre full of activities for young and old: including exhibitions, museum, library, café - all under one roof.

Alnon-beach-sundsvall-stockphotoSand between your toes at Norrland's Hawaii - Alnön.

On a really hot summer day, you can pretend you're in Hawaii, just 25 minutes by car from the centre of Sundsvall. Alnön has long sandy beaches with shallow waters, perfect for relaxing as your children splash and play, under the watchful eye of their relatives! Treat your family to an overnight stay at the centrally located Quality Hotel™ Sundsvall, before moving on to Umeå... P.S. The hotel also has a spa, in case you're in need of some serious rest & relaxation...

UMEÅ – a paradise for guitar & opera lovers

There is plenty to do in Umeå, and if you're interested in guitars - it cannot be missed! Here you'll find the fascinating attraction, Guitars The Museum. This is a little piece of heaven – for guitar lovers! Brothers Michael and Samuel Åhdén present their huge guitar collection, one of the best private guitar collections in the world. Here you can look at electric guitars, bass guitars and exclusive accessories - wander around on your own or book a guided tour if you're visiting in a group.

If you're more interested in opera, treat yourself to an evening at Norrland's Opera, which offers a range of exciting performances and activities. And how about paying a visit to one of Sweden's foremost art galleries for international contemporary art – the Bildmuseet (https://www.bildmuseet.umu.se/), where you can enjoy exhibitions with a wonderful mix of science and art over seven floors.

Breakfast Clarion Hotel Umeå_16_9Clarion Hotel® Umeå's breakfast beats your usual breakfast hands down.

Last but not least, you should explore the magnificent city church, Umeå City Church, or take a boat trip in Umeå's archipelago and experience the city from the water. Take a ferry trip to charming Holmön - the ferry departs from Norrfjärden and spend a day in the sun, swimming and walking in the idyllic surroundings. Take the ferry back to the centre of Umeå and relax at the Clarion Hotel® Umeå (that also has a spa!) or the Comfort Hotel® Umeå City, before moving on to Luleå…

LULEÅ – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Luleå is perhaps best known for being a winter town, but with its fantastic coastal location, the town is transformed every summer into a vibrant urban archipelago with wonderful outdoor restaurants, events and sightseeing through the long daylight hours. Luleå is the Swedish city with the most hours of sunshine year after year, so don't forget your swimwear! All you have to do is choose one of the lovely beaches.

Beach_16_9 (croppet)There isn't much that beats the combination of summer, sun and swimming. Especially when you discover new beach gems!

A visit to Luleå in the summer is not complete without taking the ferry to the Bay of Bothnia and exploring the beautiful archipelago with 1,312 islands, islets and reefs, including Sandön - an ever-popular destination. Don't miss out on Klubbviken Havsbad, with mini golf, a popular restaurant, a great swimming beach and many other activities.

While you're in Luleå, explore the lovely landscape, beautiful buildings and rich history with a guided tour at Gammelstad Visitor Center, and discover this famous UNESCO world heritage site! You can also visit the Outdoor museum Hägnan - with plenty to see and do with many activities depending on the time and day. In summer, you can experience everything from walking tours for children to midsummer celebrations. The museum's farm is also filled with a wide variety of animals that are popular with the little ones.

You shouldn't leave Luleå until you've visited the Bälingeberget nature reserve - the perfect day out for friends and family to reconnect with nature. If there's bad weather during your visit to Luleå, the Alcatraz event centre is a great alternative to stay dry! Here you can challenge the family to paintball, pool, arcade games, laser tag, bowling, boules and much more! If you need a place to stay overnight (which you probably will after a few eventful days), then you can stay at Comfort Hotel® Arctic, [Clarion Hotel® Sense] or Quality Hotel™ Luleå - all located in the city centre!

Standard double room Quality Hotel Luleå_16_9One or more nights at the Quality Hotel™ Luleå is a real treat after busy days exploring.

Pull out all the stops...

Now there's no reason to say "I don't know what to do this summer". We hope you have a fun and relaxing time this year, and the sun shines no matter what you have planned! What about you? Pull out all the stops and arrange your summer trip. You'll be ready for anything!

k_16_9Is there anything better than enjoying a delicious hotel breakfast while you're on your summer holiday? Probably not!

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