Why can’t I find my booking in the app?

Are you missing a booking? Please allow up to 1 hour after you have made your booking for it to show up in the app. Have you been waiting a while? There are several reasons why your booking may not show up in the app.

  • Bookings done via an online travel agency (e.g., or Expedia) are not associated with your membership number and will therefore not show up in the app.
  • Bookings made when you are not logged in to your account will not show up in the app. The same thing applies to bookings made by our Customer Services or at a hotel if you have not given them your membership number.
  • The hotel does not yet support the app. We are working hard to migrate all our hotels to a system that supports the app however there are still a few unsupported hotels.

You can now add your missing booking by selecting the action "Add missing booking" from the "My stays" tab alternatively by calling our Customer Services and they will sort it out for you.

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