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Why can’t I see my booking in the app?

We are working hard to migrate all our hotels to a system that supports the app. Please note, however, that there still a few hotels that are not yet compatible and these are thus not displayed in the app even if you have a booking. This applies to the following hotels:

  • Quality Hotel™ Maritim
  • Copperhill Mountain Lodge
  • GLO Hotel Art
  • Klaus K Hotel
  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi
  • GLO Hotel Airport
  • GLO Hotel Sello
  • Comfort Hotel® LT
  • Funken Lodge
  • Farris Bad
  • Yasuragi
  • Hotel St. George
  • Clarion Collection® Hotel Bristol
  • Quality Hotel™ Vänersborg
  • Icehotel
  • Sommerro
  • Lily Country Club

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