Comfort Hotel is growing, and you can now check in at more hotels than ever before. Read about the secret of their success and what a modern hotel concept really means!

Comfort Hotel Göteborg

Comfort Hotel gives you exactly what you want and skips anything superfluous. With full focus on modern and urban design, central locations, selected services, and great respect for mother earth, you can check in at our hotels with a good conscience. And all this at a reasonable price!

#1 Easy on the planet – hotel chain in rehab

Comfort Hotel wants to leave as small an imprint on our planet as possible, and a while ago they checked in to Green Rehab. The goal was to raise awareness of environmental problems the world is facing and how Comfort Hotel is working to reduce its environmental impact. You can read more about Green Rehab and what Comfort Hotel is doing for the environment here.

#2 Easy on the wallet

A visit to a Comfort Hotel means that you have chosen a hotel that is nice to both your wallet and the environment. So you can spend money on other things you like more – like food, concerts, and shopping.

#3 Easy access – Super central situation

Be where it is happening. At Comfort Hotel you are always able to stay at the best location in the city. Step out through the hotel entrance and experience the city's best places and attractions without having to take transport long distances.

Comfort Hotel - Urban Easy LivingUrban easy living at Comfort Hotel

#4 Easy to enjoy – sleep late and have good food

It's not just at home that you can enjoy long Sunday mornings in bed. At Comfort Hotel you can check out as late as 6 PM on Sundays, absolutely free. So enjoy your breakfast in peace and quiet and take a last round out on the town before it is time to go home.

Are you a fitness fan who can't let a weekend go without at least one training session? Welcome to our hotel gym. Crossfit fan? Then we can tell you about Comfort Hotel Børsparken, where you will find the first Nordic hotel dedicated to Crossfit (and perhaps one of the best gyms of its kind in Oslo). For those of you who are looking for a slightly less sweaty activity, in some hotels you can play and compete with each other at shuffleboard.

Comfort Hotel Barception Comfort Deli

The food at Comfort Hotel is simple, tasty, and good for both the environment and your body. The hotel rooms have no minibars, but in our Barception (Bar + Reception) and Comfort Deli you will find everything you might need in the way of food and beverages.

Comfort Hotel frukostbuffet

The hotel breakfast is a hybrid between a classic breakfast buffet and a café breakfast. We put out just what you need – and skip unnecessary frills. At our four Comfort Xpress Hotels, the classic hotel breakfast has been completely removed. Instead, you yourself have to choose what you want to eat and what you want to pay for. Fair and sustainable. Our four Comfort Xpress hotels can be found in Stockholm, Oslo, and Tromsø.

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