When the Andersson family searched for hotels for a weekend in Stockholm, the requirement was that it needed to be child-friendly. The stay at Quality Hotel™ Friends was memorable and successful: ”A perfect family hotel where they really thought about the little ones”, according to Karin Andersson.

Last summer, the family, consisting of Karin, Christoffer and their children Linnea, 4, and Ida, 2, from Malmö, decided to travel to Stockholm to enjoy the summer and meet family.

Linnea and Ida at the breakfast buffet.

As a family with children we had several criteria for accommodation, and on that list, being child friendly and good location were two of the most important. We ended up choosing to stay at Quality Hotel™ Friends in Solna,  just north of Stockholm:

– ”The location was absolutely perfect! Close proximity to, in my case, friends and family, but also the large Mall of Scandinavia shopping center that offers play and shopping for the whole family. In addition, it was easy to get to Stockholm City/Center if we wanted to”, Karin said.

The family stayed in a modern and spacious room, with space for all four:

– ”We stayed in a regular double room with extra bed for our older girl and a crib for the younger one. The room was large and spacious, and had room for all the luggage”.

The hotel beds were a success for the whole family.

One of the family rooms at Quality Hotel Friends.

Karin had heard of Quality Hotel™ before, but not that they were so child friendly:

– ”Well, I realized that it is a perfect family hotel that has really thought about the whole family, including the little ones. Our girls loved the playroom and could hardly deal with how nice it was with free access to the popcorn machine and ice cream machine!”

The hotel stay was successful for both children and adults:

– ”We had a great time!” says Karin.

– ”As my children were relatively small at the time (1 and 3), I was a little nervous to move outside the ‘safe zone’ of home, but thanks to spacious rooms, a child-friendly restaurant and the wonderful playroom, we missed nothing from home – not even favorite toys!”

And for the kids, the experience at the hotel was extra memorable thanks to all the activities they could participate in:

– ”The kids loved the hotel! It is an exciting experience for both young and old to stay in a hotel. Choosing breakfast yourself (and ending with pancakes), hopping on a bouncy castle and dressing up like Elsa was really just an incredibly big bonus! We spent a lot of time in the playroom and the kids would barely move from there”.

Linnea, 4, loved the opportunity to dress up.

Ida, 2, in the playroom. The dressing part was popular!

When we asked Karin to tell us what the kids Ida and Linnea liked best about the hotel, the choice was difficult:

– ”It is probably a toss-up between the popcorn and ice cream machine and the costumes for dressing up!”

For Karin and Christoffer, it was absolutely crucial that the children could run around and play at the hotel:

– “Thanks to the fact that the hotel was so family-friendly, we could really relax and enjoy our holiday in each other’s company. We usually say if the kids are doing well, the parents are doing well, and here we had it GREAT!” Karin said..

Karin Andersson with daughter Linnea.

The family consists of Karin 33, Christoffer 33, Linnea 4 and Ida, 2 years

Living: in a townhouse outside Malmö

Where do you like to travel to most: A warm place! A big plus if there are exciting restaurant offerings.

Best Travel Memory: When we traveled to Paris when our eldest daughter was only 9 months. I love Paris so it was wonderful to realize that it’s good to go there with children!

Did you know?

Quality Hotel ™ has a concept called Children’s Hotel. Everything to make the hotel stay as good as possible for the whole family.